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  1. Projects Backlit Gaming Poster Led Light Box

    For this project I used 1x3x6 pine wood and for the poster I used Adobe Photoshop Elements to put images together. For a how to video and free plans/free poster JPG file for this project click on Video Link: Thank You For Checking Out This Project! Don't Forget To Click On The YouTube Video...
  2. LED lighted display box for Stained Glass Panel

    Back in 2018, I designed and made a stained glass window which is a scale model of Fairbury's old city hall. It was a challenge to figure out how to do the lettering and the clock hands!! It turned out nice, but I am out of outside window glass area to display it. Also a few years ago, I...
  3. Using a "wood dam" to direct LED lighting to correct spots

    I have now made 3 LED lighted wood boxes to display my stained glass panels. The 4th panel has some clear glass in the center area, and I did not want to be able to look through the clear glass and see the bright LED emitters. So, what if I make a "dam" of wood, to force the light in the...
1-3 of 3 Results