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  1. Dog Leash Hanger

    I made some simple leash hanger gifts for friends/family that got a new puppy this year. Cyrus is a French Bulldog. Nash is a Boxer. Harley is a Weimaraner.
  2. Dog Leash Holder

    My neighbor adopted a beautiful dog that was previously abused. It took him a while to get used to me, but now he runs to me knowing that I will pet him and play with him. I make him a special gift each Christmas and this year I made him a leash holder. I will put it in a gift bag along with a...
  3. Dog Leash Holders/ Key Racks

    My old retractable dog leash broke and I had to make a new holder because the new leash didn't fit on the old holder that I made: The new holder I used a dowel, so any leash will fit on it. I also added a key rack to it. I carved the dog names with my CNC router and I wood burned the dog...
  4. Dog Leash/Treat Holder

    We have a few dogs and their leashes get everywhere. I thought this was a good solution to keep them together and also added a treat jar. I turned the hooks on the lathe and used a hose clamp to hold the jar. The back is poplar and the hooks are mahogany. Filmed a video if interested in watching...
1-4 of 4 Results