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  1. Custom Made Entry Door; Curly Maple & Curly Cherry, Leaded Glass Panel, Hand Carved Letter "R"

    This is a posting for a project that I helped with. I have a friend, and fellow woodworker, who has custom cabinet and door shop close to where I live, by Cottonwood Falls, Kansas. His name is Charles Jones, of Jones Custom Woodwork. On this door, I only helped with the carved "R" and the I...
  2. porch swing

    This swing was make with red oak. I used minwax golden peacan stain and spar urathene for the finish. All the slats were screwed down using galvanized screws. The screws were counter sunk and the hole pluged. I hung it on the front porch of my shop.
  3. China Cabinet using recycled antique sash

    We designed and built this china cabinet around the center sash the client provided for us. I guess it belonged to a neighbor of their parents where they grew up. Small details like this make a custom house CUSTOM.
  4. Joinery
    I am working on a project with glass doors. There is a center mullion and secondary rail to form openings for leaded glass. I know glass door joinery can get pretty complicated, but luckily the parts are simple craftsman style without any decorative profile. Rails and stiles are 2" wide x...
  5. Blogs
    Bookcase entry - Challenge04 I had already started working on the design for this bookcase when I became aware of this contest. Realizing that my built-in application (designed to conceal ductwork) was quite different from the needs of most people, I slightly redesigned the crown to make it a...
  6. Wood & Lumber
    I'm looking for assistance on a project. I have two old leaded windows that are just shy, size-wise, of fitting into an existing frame. I have basic knowledge of wood-working, am willing to take the time to do this correctly. The existing windows open out from the frame. These windows were...
1-6 of 6 Results