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  1. Winter 2013/14 Tool Swap: Plumb Level and Center Marker

    The plumb level is a modernized reproduction of the plumb level as drawn in Peter Nicholson's The Mechanics Companion, 1831. My version replaces the string and lead weight with a brass rod, axle, and roller bearing. Made from cherry (frame), walnut (axle & plumb bob), and holly (center mark)...
  2. Rustic Construction Lumber Coffee Table

    I am very excited about how this project turned out. I bought 5 SPF 2×6 from the big box store. They were very white in color so not exactly sure what they were. I started by ripping the lumber down to 2.5" strips and being very picky on which parts of the lumber made it in the top. I then...
  3. LumberJocks Swaps
    Updated 2/10/2013 5:06 PM CST Welcome to the 2013 LJ's Measurement & Layout Tool Swap Email me at [email protected] This one is a little different guys! Joining the Swap: Deadline for entry is November 25th If you want to participate in this swap contact me at the email above, letting me know...
1-3 of 3 Results