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  1. Marking Gauge

    This is my first marking gauge I have made so far. It is made according the article written by Matt Kenney in issue number 211 of Fine Woodworking magazine. Made with scraps of red oak for the beam and the fence while the wedge is cocobolo. Dimensions are as follows, Beam: .5"T x 1"W x 7"L ...
  2. Side board

    Here's a sideboard made from ambrosia maple and cherry the door trim is wenge and the square pegs are made from reclaimed piano keys with a hand rubbed oil finish three drops of oil and three days of rubbing mjon
  3. LumberJocks Swaps
    After a great response to the survey for the next theme, "Layout and Marking Tools" gained a significant lead over "Knives" yesterday. It only had a 1-vote lead yesterday morning but ended up winning by 5 votes: So here we go then… The next installment of the LumberJocks tool swaps! A...
  4. Blogs
    The Year of the Book The year of The Book This year has been a good year of book buying for me. I have tried to expand my chair book selection and I think I just about got it. It started earlier this year with the wonderful book by Peter Galbert "The Chairmakers Notebook". This is the best...
  5. Blogs
    Hand Tool Display Wall So is it just me or when I hear the words "self quarantine", I also hear "Perfect time for a big shop project!!" I am in deperate need of a new tool wall. The last one was just a pallet hung up on the wall with screws and nails hanging what all i could fit. Well, as the...
1-7 of 7 Results