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  1. Shop Made Traditional Froe and Mallet (Riving axe)

    I made a froe (riving axe) and mallet for myself using wood from a tree that fell in our yard, and an old lawnmower blade. I used my angle grinder to shape the blade, which took a while because a lawnmower blade is not perfectly straight. After much sweat and grinding, I bolted it to a handle...
  2. Lawn Mower Push Toy

    What a fun build this was! After seeing a few versions of this on etsy I decided to give it a try for my 1 year old nephew. I made the wheels from Red Oak at 6" X 3/4" on the lathe using the indexing plate to mark the the holes to be drilled. The holes were drilled by hand (Drill Press move to...
  3. Lawn Mower Cart

    I was looking around for a cart for my new lawn mower and they were way to expensive for what they were. I decided that I could do better for cheaper. Here is a video of my build. View on YouTube
1-3 of 3 Results