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  1. Outhouse Chairs

    Saw some chairs like this at a Medieval Faire. Made a few revisions, and this is what I came up with. My wife calls them outhouse chairs because of the crescent moon. The 2 by 4 pulls out of the back of the chair easily for storage. They are very comfortable and very stable. Hope you like them.
  2. Red Wood Porch Swing

    Greetings & Salutations, I built this swing a couple of years ago for the front porch and had some success selling a few. I have 5 coats of spa polyurethane for protection and it has held up quite well. I let it stay out the first year but did take it in this winter. I have built this style...
  3. Zebrawood And Nogal Jewelry Box

    Today is my daughter's 21st birthday and this is a jewelry box that I finished yesterday for her. When she saw the small Zebrawood and Ebony box that I made a few months ago she asked if I could make her one. As any father will know that what 'the princess' asks for she gets! Thruout the course...
  4. Woodworking Skill Share
    Let me start by saying this is NOT MY video. A photographer I know of posted this. I can't help but love it as it combines my love for wood working and my love for photography. Maybe one day I can create something like this…
1-4 of 4 Results