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  1. Sign - Live Laugh Love

    All work is done with by finding the right image (google images), download and print, fit on 1 by piece of pine, cut with scrollsaw, round over edges, sand up to 220 grit, stain or paint pieces, glue together and finish with gel top coat. Enjoy, Mr Tall
  2. Craftsman screen door

    Wifey wanted a screen door this summer and I promised one to her. Though it took me a bit longer than I expected (doors are huge in my tiny little shop), I've finally got it hung and the hardware on. Luckily, this summer hardly had any warm days (lucky?) and we would have hardly used a screen...
  3. Lost and found... (You may laugh!)

    Lost and found… Best advice from the happy sixties… Some days ago I went into my favorite used book seller (Lions club), and picked up some old books, as usual a lot of poetry, but this time also some old 'Gør det selv' the Danish answer to popular mechanics I guess. And here was the idea that...
  4. Ash Chalkboard

    This was made for a client living in a modified church out in the country. He wanted something he could move around easily in his extremely large space to block the sun and to sketch composition ideas in chalk for his photography. The posts have double tenons running into the wheeled feet and...
  5. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Ok not really woodworking, or perhaps a little… Ok, admit it, we are not allways to clever, Circular saw, without saw… Measure: Hammer: Nail And one to make you think next time you are tempted… Hope it will bring some laughts, it did to me, Best thoughts, MaFe
  6. Blogs
    Kenny and glue I had a theory class today on adhesives and opened with another Kenny classic.
  7. Blogs
    Craftsman Style Frame - part 1 I posted a picture of a Craftsman Style Frame i made and i thought if anyone was interested, i have a two part video series of how i did it. The main jointery is the use of a half lap. It's a simple and yet strong joint. I decided to show how to make it using...
  8. Blogs
    Country Style Cabinet This was a cabinet i made for a customer of mine. The magazine, American Woodworker liked it and asked me to do and article on it. So i made another one. It's made of cherry and has an unique locking handle on it. If you are intersted in learning more it's featured in...
  9. Blogs
    Fitting Inset Doors If you've ever struggled with setting inset doors, I have an easy method for you.
  10. Blogs
    Cope & Stick Since I did a video how to fit inset doors, I thought maybe I should take a step backwards and show how to make a simple cope and stick cabinet door. Hope you enjoy the video, especially the ending.:-)
  11. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Time Out for a Good Laugh! ... I'm still laughing! ... it's starting to hurt… (huge laugh) LOL Take care…
1-12 of 12 Results