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  1. Slightly different woven board

    This board has a background and accent stripe of New Guinea Rosewood with the main weave of Tasmanian Blackwood and the other accent is Purpleheart. I hope the pics are big enough and there is a bit more detail.
  2. Lathe Tool Holder

    I didn't have anywhere to store my lathe tools, so I decided to build a carousel that will hold 16 tools. I used a mic stand and some scraps from the scrap bin. An old skateboard wheel allows the holder to spin.
  3. Lathe tool holder

    I recently went to the St. Louis woodworking show, and I'll be darned if 4 of those fancy new wood lathe tools with replaceable carbide inserts jumped into my shopping bag :) Of course, the next step was to build a lathe tool holder for the new tools. I had built a lathe tool holder first in...
  4. Turning Tool Holder

    I needed a place to put my turning tools, but hanging something on the wall wasn't a good option. My lathe (HF 34706) is on a mobile base and gets moved around vs a dedicated space. I finally came up with this lathe mounted holder that protects the tool tips and people. It's mounted so that...
  5. Another lathe tool holder

    I love to have things that make my life easier. (one thing I stay OUT of the kitchen…LOL) Since I have been using the lathe and enjoying it SO much I try to read things to help make the job go faster. In the Popluar Woodworking magazine happen to be just something I could use easy to make and...
  6. French Cleat Tool Holders

    I have a decent amount of free wall space, and not much floor space. I decided to make use of this space with a french cleat system. I used 3/4" pine ply on all the tool holders, with a 3/4" poplar dowel for the pliers holder. The caliper and divider holders have proven to be the most useful...
  7. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    This is our version of the wall storage system (aka: French Cleat) that was posted on LJ's by several members who incorporated it in their workshop (And thanks to Steve Korz for the instructions). With an abundance of odd shaped tools that have been accumulated over the years, this system...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi All, re-tiring bandsaw wheels costs here a fortune, so I was looking for alternative. I found some companies makes urethane tire and was wondering if anybody had good/bad experience with them. any input will be appreciated.
  9. Hand Tools
    An associate across the pond claimed that this is a Stanley 150. It looks like a 110 with a depth adjuster on it. I don't seem to see 150 in Stanley's numbering system. So far, I have not ran across it on Ebay. No luck in googling. Surly, it is a common plan. So, what is it?
1-9 of 9 Results