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  1. Lathe Stand

    A few years ago my boss offered me a wood lathe that he was going to throw out. He had bought a (much) better lathe and just wanted this one gone. I had a lot of other woodworking tools but no lathe so I was glad to have it. It came mounted on a stand made from a couple of 2X10's that just...
  2. Lathe Stand

    I built this lathe stand for my new midi lathe. I designed it to have minimal horizontal surfaces so that it would not collect a lot of shavings. Here is a link to my Sketchup design: Note: The Sketchup...
  3. Lathe Stand with Storage

    Hey, guys! I made a lathe stand with tons of storage for my JET 1221 lathe. Loving all the extra space this thing gives me. If you'd like to see the full build video or get plans then you can see them at: Thanks! Brad
  4. Table Saw / Lathe Bench

    After having my trusty ShopSmith Mark IV for nearly 30 years, I felt the need to "re-do" my shop environment. I bought a 10" Craftsman Table Saw and then designed and built the combination table saw/lathe work area. I made the base out of 3/4" plywood with wheels from Harbor Freight. The back...
  5. Lathe Stand with extension

    This lathe stand is built using Melanie and trimmed in cedar. The stand has a removal extension, bookcases in all the ends and the center of the main stand houses several pavers for weight.
  6. New Digs for my Lathe

    March 2010, my brother scores a mini lathe at an auction and gives it to me for my birthday with the phrase "here's something you'll never buy yourself…". WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH A LATHE?!!! So I go on the internet and watch videos and find you fine people here at lumberjocks…then I make a...
  7. Lathe Stand

    Needed a stand for a new lathe. The legs are angled in at 5 degrees with storage on the front, sides and back. The gap in the top shelf is to allow the lathe motor to breathe.
  8. Small lathe stand

    I haven't use the lathe in a while mostly because I didn't want to move it and everything else around. Found this rolling stand design online from woodcraft and it was a really simple build from scrap plywood (hence the paint) and I snuck a little bit of live edge in the drawer front.
  9. 1931 Delta 930 lathe restoration and stand construction from Ambrosia Maple/Maple

    picked up a vintage Delta 930 lathe. Buying a cast iron leg stand for this lathe costs twice what i paid for the lathe, so i decided to make one. Went to the lumber mill and picked up a load of two by rough sawn maple for $20. Once i started to plane it saw i had silver maple and ambrosia...
  10. All terrain lathe stand

    There is a near-zero chance of getting DC in the current shop, so my power tools must all move outside during use. This gets hard with a lathe because not only was the concrete floor badly floated, but the area outside the door is covered in pea gravel. Standard mobile bases just won't work...
  11. Lathe Stand for Jet 1221 VS lathe

    Hi everyone, Recently purchased a Jet 1221 VS lathe and needed a sturdy stand and purchasing one was not a solution since I'm a bit vertically challenged at 5'4" tall. I found the great stand here on LJ from Gary ( Thank you Gary for your...
  12. Midi Lathe Stand

    I bought a midi lathe a few months ago. Finally got around to making a stand for it. Update: Added a more stable base.
  13. Burn Pile or Lathe Stand?

    A couple of years ago I had an opportunity to buy several vintage wood working tools for next to nothing, among those was a 1947 Craftsman Lathe (Model # 103.21600). I refurbished it but then got busy with other projects. Part of my New Years To Do'swas to build a stand for this old lathe and...
  14. oak shelf

    This is a oak shelf that i somewhat tried to make look like the older mantle shelfs or organ tops , but not even close to being as ornate.
  15. Trestle Lathe Stand

    I built this for the lathe I didn't have yet, an import green one. I took some rough dimensions of the lathe while window shopping. I probably should have waited because it's a little short for a comfortable turning height, I may have to add some shoes to the feet. I had the feet and legs...
  16. Lathe Stand

    I found a free lathe on craigslist, just needed a motor and a stand. Put together a stand out of 2×6s for around $40. Lathe stays stable and sturdy on a fairly small footprint.
  17. Lathe stand

    Hi everyone, I just thought I'd post a couple of pics of my lathe stand that is almost finished. The top is not attached ( that's the reason for the clamps in the photo ) and I haven't added the shelf yet that I plan to add but it's about 85% complete and I figured it shows how it will look when...
  18. Lathe work bench

    Had to build a stand for my Lathe. Tool drawer is bottomless so tools are accessible without filling up drawer while turning work.
  19. SuperStand: Lathe + Bandsaw + Planer + Router Table + Storage = 2'x4' Floor Space

    A while ago, I figured out that the things I was missing in my shop were: 1. A lathe 2. A planer 3. A router table 4. A bandsaw However, because I share a small 20'x20' garage with two giant cars, I only had a 2'x4' section of floor space left. So I carefully and painstakingly created a...
  20. Lathe Stand Upgrade

    When I built my lathe stand three years ago, it only had one drawer with an open deck below to store tool boxes and other miscellaneous tools. I added a second drawer two years ago, which helped some, but the open deck below was just wasted space, and keeping tools, chucks, etc. in tool boxes...
1-20 of 38 Results