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  1. Small Dining Room Table

    Finally getting to the dining room table I've wanted to make after long term remodeling of our house. The dining area is small. The table is 36" x 44". It replaces an old colonial set (still have to use the old chairs pictured until we get new ones). The wood is yellow birch. I'd never worked...
  2. Turning Finials the Easy Way with EWT

    After making and testing my shop made lathe duplicator system (see link below for blog about construction), I turned four finials for an antique bed I am working on. First, I cut turning blanks from a large piece of African Sapele and cut off the corners using my bandsaw. I turned the blanks...
  3. Pine Drum

    This was the first successful drum that I made. It took a few tries to get a jig that would help with the compound angles. Sounds Great!
  4. You Call That A Mallet ?

    Inspiered by Disney's Dumbo cartoon, the wooden mauls, the circus roustabouts used to drive the pegs for the bigtop. It's spalted birch with a commercial 36" sledge hammer handle. the head's 5 3/4" diameter, 9 1/2" tall and bound with the metal strapping from lifts of lumber. Even though the...
  5. Garden Mushroom

    I was not too sure about what to do with myself this afternoon, So I went down to the shop. Just didn't feel like getting into a bigger project so I settled for some of these little garden mushrooms I have seen posted here in the past. Great way to kill a bit of spare time and have a hoot at...
  6. Woodturning
    I have a lathe duplicator that uses the type of tooling that I see on metal working lathes. What is the correct way to shape the tool and sharpen it? I guess it is basically a scraper but I'm looking for input from a person who has experience with a similar set up. THX!
  7. Woodturning
    I want a good USED D-36 Vega lathe duplicator with attachments to fit on my Jet 1236 lathe. 602-692-9543 in SE Arizona…will pay freight Thanks, Bill
  8. Blogs
    Router Lathe Duplicator Version 2 (Intro Video) Just a short introduction to version 2 of my router powered lathe duplicator/ copier attachment. This router attachment enables the duplication of existing wood turnings or the creation new woodturnings through the use of a template.
  9. Blogs
    Making the 'Stands' As they say, 'Necessity is the Mother of Invention' and you, the woodworker, knows that fact the best. I have a little job where I am going to make 4 finials for a mahogany antique bed. I tried to buy some pre-made finials online but I couldn't find any that matched the...
  10. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Jocks, Got enough saved up to get a Powermatic 3520B with 50" extension. But I can't find a duplicator to fit it. Seems the ones the Woodcraft sells are made for the smaller lathes. Anyone got a bigger lathe duplicator or leads on where to look? Thanks.
  11. Woodturning
    I have a Toolmark Lathe Duplicator, made in Minneapolis, model 3010. I bought this on line and have never seen it assembled. Sadly, there are no instructions and the configuration is well, "not immediately apparent". Does anyone have one of these? I'd happily pay for a copy of the...
1-12 of 12 Results