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  1. Lathe Stand with Storage

    Hey, guys! I made a lathe stand with tons of storage for my JET 1221 lathe. Loving all the extra space this thing gives me. If you'd like to see the full build video or get plans then you can see them at: Thanks! Brad
  2. Lathe cabinet

    Repurposed an old computer station that I was ready to throw out by putting casters on it and attaching an old IKEA fold down table to it. Received the lathe last Xmas from my wife. I have a pretty small work area that I share with 2 cars,washing machine, dryer,and storage so that all my tools...
  3. Wine box, Lathe tools cabinet.

    Wine box, Lathe tools cabinet. And some carving chisels! I spend the money on a set of HSS lathe tools, so now was the time for my lathe tool cabinet. And wauuu, were they worth every penny, they work like a knife in butter. Same concept as the plane cabinets, but with a removable caddy with...
  4. Finishing
    Ok Arts and Crafters out there. I built one A&C piece and am kind of satisfied with the finish. I have watched a lot of videos and have read a lot of information about faux finishes and traditional finishes. What are the rest of you using or how do you do it. I did fume my first piece but don't...
1-4 of 4 Results