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  1. My brother's tray table

    Last month I was blessed to be able to serve my parents for three weeks while Mom recuperated from a broken clavicle and leg. During that time, my brother's health continued to decline. I had seen a tray table which I thought that he might be able to use, so when I returned home I drew up a...
  2. Wooden laptop stand that looks stylish and modern

    Watch full YouTube tutorial here Make this wooden laptop stand that looks stylish and modern, this video will show you woodworking techniques including using a router table and applying a finish to complete this project. To start with we design the template in sketchup and then use that to...
  3. Sofa table

    Hey everyone, just completed a sofa table from a Steve Ramsey plan and thought I would share.Fits perfect at both my sofa and easy chair level. Made of 1" paduak and the top is yellow heart, fastened wit Kreg jig and glue. Sanded to 320 and then used laquer sanding sealer,resanded at 400 and...
  4. Walnut Laptop Table

    This was a completely gratuitous build. I have no need for a laptop table, but I so love the way the walnut looks. Oh, that grain!
  5. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I have no experience with woodworking, but after many years of envious devotion, to the projects a close friend of mine completes, I have decided to finally do something about… I am moving back to Atlanta in 2 weeks, and I have already registered for a class at Highland Woodworking. Until then...
  6. Finishing
    So I am doing a large media center for a customer and had some material on hand, that being prefinished birch ply. My customer wanted the unit painted white and I have been wanting to try GF Milk Paint for a while now after reading good reviews on it. So not wanting to screw up, I talked with...
1-6 of 6 Results