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  1. Gate for Japanese style fence

    Just installed a gate I designed and made for the Japanese style fence at our house in Kansas City. I am new to woodworking and very much a novice when it comes to using my table saw. I had some two by four fir lumber which I ripped to one by two for the frame. Used lap joints at the corners and...
  2. Stool Projects #6 or Everything That Could Go Wrong and Did

    This computer lap desk/ tv tray/ stool project turned out ok according to my eight year old daughter. You can see that the original top was and incredible piece of mesquite that now lies in two pieces. The reason is that the original design was to lay the mesquite top between the two legs and...
  3. Shaker Lap Desk

    This is Christian Becksvoort's lap desk that was in Fine Woodworking a year or two ago. I built it from a pine 2×4 and a 2×6. The breadboards are cherry and the pins and knob or walnut. Everything was done by hand with the exception of a drill pressed used to waste out the 3/16" x 16" mortise on...
  4. Collapsible Lap Desk

    I have been doing a lot of work at home recently, and wanted something that would make working on my laptop a little more comfortable. While they may be called laptops, they aren't especially user friendly or comfortable to use while sitting on your lap. While I consider myself pretty tech...
  5. Lap Desk

    This is a project that swmbo asked for for Christmas. I just put the finishing touches on it yesterday. A little late, but she really likes it. No plan, it just oozed out the brain.
  6. Thomas Jefferson's Lap Desk

    I needed another project to work on & came across this Fine Woodworking article by Lon Schleining with instructions for creating a copy of the lap desk Thomas Jefferson used to script the Declaration Of Independence. As this project offers extensive hand tool work, I proceeded with construction...
  7. Cherry lap desk, Kinda Jefferson

    A Jefferson inspired cherry lap desk. finished with a french polish blonde shellac. the beading was done with scratch stock I made from a old dovetail saw blade. A hand tool project.
  8. My brother's tray table

    Last month I was blessed to be able to serve my parents for three weeks while Mom recuperated from a broken clavicle and leg. During that time, my brother's health continued to decline. I had seen a tray table which I thought that he might be able to use, so when I returned home I drew up a...
  9. Vermont Lap Desk

    With a single coat of BLO, and a single coat of Poly Gloss Varnish. All wood used in this little desk was recycled barn wood. There is a store bought 1/4" plywood bottom to it, but all the rest is recycled Ash, and oak. Non moving part of the lid is QSWO from an old rafter. Screwed in...
  10. Lap desk from leftover flooring

    I had leftover hickory flooring so I took the factory finish off and trimmed the edges to use for this lap-desk. The design was altered from the original. No side drawers, there is a removable pen tray at the top back and a sliding box over the lower two compartments. I used cherry as the accent...
  11. Lap Desk

    This is my effort at the lap desk that was featured in the 9/10 2000 issue of FWW. It is a very late Christmas present for my son, but almost on time for his birthday. The article used a plywood core, but I don't know how to veneer, so I used Mahonie Jawa. The contrasting drawer front is Suar...
  12. Lap Desk

    I saw my first lap desk at the reenactment of the Feast of the Hunter's Moon of 1790 in Lafayette, ind. this fall. They had many varieties of them and most had a square hole for the ink well. I thought it would be nice to have one when I'm out away from home and want to do some design work. I...
  13. Netbook trays

    My wife and Mother in law both have netbook computers now. They both like to use them in locations without solid surfaces such as laps in the living room. As a Christmas gift, i decided to make both of them smaller wooden trays to keep them elevated above clothing and thus freeing up the air...
  14. Shaker style lap desk

    A place for her to keep all her pens, pencils, brushes and crayons finished works and work in progress. In a few years she'll probably be wanting a jewellery box. I really like the sliding bolt lock. Hope she likes it as much as I enjoyed making it for her. Marbau and teak
  15. Lap desk for my wife

    This is a black walnut lap desk I just finished for my wife. From SW Nebraska old cut stock, like 30 years dry. Milled and finished from rough lumber, 3 coats of a proprietary blend of Danish oil/boiled linseed oil/epiphanes spar varnish. Enjoy!
  16. Breakfast table/ Lap Desk

    Recently finished this breakfast table / lap desk for the girlfriend for valentine's day. The top is made out of red oak and the legs are from so coved pieces I had sitting around already (which are walnut I believe??). Being that I only have rough cut oak and no jointer or planer yet, I have to...
  17. Shaker Lap Desk - Pine

    This is one of 2 identical projects, I built this one in pine and the second one in cherry, it was an early attempt at both the shaker design and hand cut dovetails. I chose to create the pine one first followed by an identical one in Cherry so as not to waste the expensive cherry wood. I chose...
  18. Shaker Lap Desk - Cherry

    This is the second of two identical projects the first was done in pine as a sample this is done in Cherry and finished with flat polyurethane. I discovered that pine is much harder to work than cherry. I invite critiques and comments .
  19. Live Edge Lap Desk

    A long lapdesk out of hand-planed cherry (from my dad's yard). The pillows are held by magnets and are removable. The finish is BLO and wax.
  20. Thomas Jefferson Lap Desk(s)

    I got the plans for this lap desk from Fine Woodworking. It is a replica of the lap desk Thomas Jefferson designed and used. The first one I made from a single piece of mahogany that I had been saving for a special project. I had such fun making it I decided to make a couple more.
1-20 of 32 Results