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  1. Deep Platter 12 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches high.

    I found this piece of maple Ive had for a couple years, it was a ruined project I had tried to use some enlace I had bought from Woodcraft. The enlace, I read later, was supposed to be crushed up before using. After ruining a couple of tools, I took it off and threw it in the corner. Well I dug...
  2. just some more bowls

    In between working on my daughters hope chest, which is almost completed, and do my favorithe thing the lathe I have managed to get some stuff done. No real story here just trying to keep my mind and soul busy.
  3. A Little Bugger

    This seemed to interest a couple people, I think It's maple, I used a lancelot grinder on the outside and put it on the lathe at slow speed with a rasp, and covered it with waterlox. I did'nt have to do anything to the inside except the waterlox. It's only about 6" high by 3" wide. Thanks guys, mike
  4. Blogs
    Reproducing a Design I recently started a major chair-building project and thought it might be fun to document the process as a series of blog entries. So, here we go… My Background I started woodworking in seventh-grade woodshop about 38 years ago. I began pursuing this wonderful hobby in...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I just purchased a Ridgid R4512. I thank you folks for your threads and postings on the blade shift defect found on this saw. They helped me to get a good one. It turned out to be a major undertaking. I had to make an all day round-trip trip across the island to check out the only other R4512...
1-5 of 5 Results