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  1. A Unique Shade

    Alright I know that this is glass and not wood, but I am in the process of making the lamp and I wanted to share this major accomplishment with all of you. This is my first stained glass piece and like all of my other firsts this one was a small project that turned out huge. I am making the...
  2. Turned stuff, I love turning on the lathe.

    This is my first post, here is some of my amateur woodturning. 1st pic - bowl made of arizona alligator juniper, turns like red cedar maybe a little softer. 2nd pic - bowl made of gambel oak, very hard and dense, dang that torn end grain, gotta go much slower next time. 3rd pic - cookie jar...
  3. Jack Daniels lamp with scrol lsaw shade

    A quick project for my oldest son who likes Jack Daniels and hates shoes. $9.00 lamp kit and some scrap Baltic birch plywood (1/8") and a custom lamp….The flip flops is a Steve Goode design (that can hold a mini clock insert on the right flip flop….but my wife said that would be overkill….
  4. Lamp Shades

    This started out as one of those relaxing weekend projects. I actually had a day to do some woodworking for myself instead of for clients. The lamp shades on a couple of our floor lamps had been damaged in a move, so I thought I'd spend an afternoon building new shades. Recently, several...
  5. Arts & Crafts Lamps with copper panels

    These were a bit more involved than I planned, but still fun. The basics: White Oak, some quarter sawn, some rift sawn. Ammonia fumed finish covered with maybe 4 coats of "Tung Oil" wiping varnish, sanded smooth between coats. I quote the "Tung Oil" since this product has none in it, but I like...
  6. Pendant Lamps

    Fir Veneer, reproductions for a customer of antique shades that were just falling apart. Easier to make new than to try and repair originals.
  7. WOOT Pt. 3

    Since the Wifes out of town… I decided to turn a lamp shade from maple, I think it came out pretty good. In fact, when I turned of the lathe so I could see what it was looking like, I noticed the fire pattern and almost soiled myself. All comments are welcome, thanks for checking it out.
  8. Blogs
    Pine root. Making use of a wasted material in a novel item. So around here there are numerous old stumps that look old and weathered, had one on the corner of my property so I cut it up for turning stock. It was very pitchy and sticky and def. not ideal wood for much. but after making a small...
  9. Woodworking Skill Share
    I caught this on tonight's CBS News Webpage. Quite interesting so I thought I would share: Making of a Shade from Soren Berger on Vimeo.
  10. Designing Woodworking Projects
    I am working on a coffee table for my living room inspired from a drawing in Home Furniture Magazine. They did a write up on Tage Frid and they have pictures of a coffee table in the write up. I did a web search and found that the table was written up in Fine woodworking issue #98. Does...
1-10 of 10 Results