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  1. Lamp

    I looked all over for a lamp to put on the table next to my chair. I couldn't find one I liked and the ones that came close were way overpriced, imho. So, Wood Magazine came out with a lamp plan in this issue, so I made one with scraps in my shop. It's made with red oak and the uprights are made...
  2. Accent Lamps

    I came across a table lamp project in the Feb/Mar 2005 Wood Magazine which I thought would be a great Christmas gift. I just completed making two of these lamps. I modified the original design by making the vertical pieces with a slight concave curve. One is made with maple and the other walnut...
  3. segmented koa lamps

    For the past two months, I have been on a tear to use up some of my off cuts. Of course, you always think you will use this wood up immediately and before you know it, they have taken over every inch of storage in your shop. So I made 17 segmented lamps. Did this use up all my extra wood, no...

    Some trial samples of shade lamp accessories, made of oak and beech, 11-12.5 cm diameter , 4 cm thick - two types for two different glass bases. There is yet to decide how to turn cable up, from the bottom, back to top surface… Finish wood oil.
  5. Mission Style Lamps

    This is a project that we have done at school for about the last 10 years or so, but I realized recently that I've never actually finished one myself! Fairly simple, but it is a good lesson in basic joinery methods and face gluing symmetrical pieces. These lamps are made from Ambrosia Maple, a...
  6. Japanese lamp

    Japanese lamp made with black walnut and cherry with gold rice paper ..
  7. Firewood Bedside Lamps

    Found two pieces of hollowed out logs in the wood pile. I squared them up and made some bedside lamps. Not much to tell. The dot in the middle of the bases are the on/off for the touch switch. Not much actual light, but a really nice glow. Used 12 volt, 60 watt (equivalent) LED boards...
  8. New Tables For the Mrs.

    I received a request for a pair of Mission Style end tables from the lovely but formidable Ms. Linda. The first was straightforward and I had plans and drawings from, I believe, WOOD Magazine. The second was a bit more complicated. It had to act as end table for the chair but also wrap around...
  9. madrone burl bace with root, myrtle wood lampshade .

    the burl lamp is one that shows the great looks of raw madrone burl. this piece was steamed pressure cooked. this help pramote drying and eliminates craking. i like the looks of small burl. hope you enjoy. i traded this lamp for 300 ft of steel track used in walnut industry great deal.
  10. Prairie Style Lamp

    The body and shade frame of the lamp are made from quilted cherry, with the shade featuring mica panels and cut sheet copper in a pine cone motif. The lamp is deceptively simple: there is close to 20 hours of handwork in the shade alone, which includes double compound miters and half laps...
  11. Lamps

    Made more gifts for the family. :)
  12. Jewelry Tree -- FOR $ALE

    constructed of hard maple and brass rods, sealed with shellac/stained cherry/finished with lacquer. Holds bangles, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc. Have alternate designs if you are interested in something similar but tailored more to your desire. Rods are 12" and 8.5" long, all together the...
  13. Juniper Limb package

    This is a package of pressure washed juniper limbs I sold to a local log furniture store today. If you are interested in a similar limb package for your project needs just leave me a message. All sizes available from a small limb to a full tree trunk. Thanks for looking.
  14. Bedside lamps

    My wife wanted lamps to match her bedroom furniture. Took a picture of the bedposts, blew up the photo, made a template and freehanded them. Aren't exact, but pretty close. Used Douglas fir with Varathene Ipswich Pine stain. Not too bad - she was happy!
  15. Two Candles for my first Anniversary

    Wow - It's been one of my favorite years. I'm doing things I never thought were possible for me. Without the help of my friends here at lumberjocks - well - I'd still think those things were impossible. Thank you all so very much! Main body of lamps is Jatoba. Edges are Bubinga. Except for the...
  16. End Table Lamp

    This lamp was featured in WOOD magazine. I used claro walnut and oak to complete the lamp. I enjoyed using the bandsaw to take the 8/4 claro piece down to the size I needed for the 2 sets of 4 columns for the 2 lamps. I used a amber shellac over the entire project to give it a nice amber hue to...
  17. Ambiance Hand Made Table Lamps

    These lamps are for sitting on a table or sideboard. They are not really suitable for reading as I only installed a 3 watt LED light and the area open for light to escape is small. The main curved piece is steam bent and has the power cord running up the inside. The shades are interchangeable...

    I made this Model of and International S7 skidder while I was waiting for it to be delivered. It will be my next restoration project so will not be posting too many projects now. Spring is coming in the north and I have a million things that will need to be done. First will be to skid birch...
  19. Whyr'hymer Furniture

    Hello Friends, I am a furniture maker here in Hollywood, CA. I found the site by accident and I thought it was a good time to start sharing my work with other woodworkers and seeing others as well. I am self-taught. I started my first piece in 2000 and have really been serious about it as a...
  20. elk horn lamp madrone burl base full live edge

    my first elk horn lamp, madrone burl base steamed. lamp shade is madrone burl. used to have quantaties of shades but will start making once again. horn lamps are fun to make and beleve it or not very afordable. i have made many of these types and will display some of them.
1-20 of 31 Results