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  1. Lamp table

    Small lamp table made from red oak finished using Amber shellac Top is 10"x24" height 23"
  2. stained glass lamp

    My wife works with stained glass,and she needed some baces and tops for some of her lamps. I used any old wood i could find. cut some squares and routed them. Also put a decoretive hole in the top with a holesaw and router for heat to escape.
  3. 12 Volt Floor Lamp

    Here is a unique project that I came up with. I took a 12 volt landscape lighting fixture, ordered a longer stem that matched the original (48") and built a wooden base for a floor lamp. I housed a 120 to 12 volt mini transformer in the base. I have it plugged in to a timer so that it turns...
  4. Lamp prototype

    I just moved, so I'm out of a shop for the time being. The only tools I had access to were a circular saw, a drill press and some hand tools. I had the "itch". We wanted a lamp with shelves for beside the bed. After seeing a design at Target that she approved of, I decided to make a prototype to...
  5. Mission Style Floor Lamps

    I designed these lamps after looking at lots of different designs. I built one for myself and one for my brother. He did the cut glass work and I did the wood work. The hardest part was making the oak frames for the lamp shades. I hate compound miter joints.
  6. Dad & Daughter Project #1 - Waterfall Lamp

    This project was started quite a while back. This was the first project that my oldest daughter and I have created together. This lamp is a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired copy of a lamp found in his Waterfall house. We added some of our own flare to the project by turn the bottom part of the base...
  7. Mission Floor lamp

    This floor lamp is made entirely of scrap pieces from other projects. It is part of the three lamp collection I have made. The lamp shades are the same for two of the lamps and interchangeable. The base is made is 14×14 veneer plywood with simple homemade trim surrounding the platform. You...
  8. Mission Table Lamp Small

    This mission lamp is the smallest and last of the three piece lamp sets I built. This lamp also was built entirely out of scrap red oak left over from other projects. There are two pictures showing the various parts and jigs I built. Now that I have those built and have made a few of them I can...
  9. Desk lamp

    Made this lamp for my office. Thanks for looking.
  10. NYC Skyline Lamp

    This piece was designed in two halves and then pieced back together with a quarterinch gap in between. This allows the light source to shine through. The inside is painted with a yellow paint to give a brighter light, and the edges of the buildings are painted black to allow the negative space...
  11. Arts and Crafts Lamps

    Another pair of Stickley inspired A & C lamps. Solid QSWO with a Vintage dark brown finish. All the same construction as the first pair, fun to make and already have another order, woot woot!
  12. Another wall lamp - "Morning Stretch"

    Just finished this morning, this new wall lamp is named "Morning Stretch" because it reminds me of a person stretching in the morning. Mountain laurel with clear shellac finish. 33" high and 24" wide. Mounts to the wall with two hidden screws in keyhole slots cut into the wood (see picture of...
  13. Mission Table Lamp

    This lamp is not for the timid as it is made up of over 60 pieces of quarter sawn white oak. It is an adaptation of an original table lamp seen at the St. Paul, MN Arts & Crafts show. The lamps have become a favorite of our extended family and make a great wedding present. The changes I made...
  14. Exotic Manzanita lamp

    hers a unique manzanita lamp i put togerher. standing on three legs, with myrtle wood lampshade. this lamp reminded me of a camel or that creature on star wars. hope you like. take care and fun crafting.
  15. Purple Plum Wood Lamp

    I built this lamp from a plum tree that was in our backyard, and, after drying for about a year I built it and assembled it during a demonstration speech at school.
  16. Fabric Lamps

    This is an idea that I got when I worked at a furniture store. We always had a stack of discontinued fabric samples lying around and it seemed a shame to just toss 'em. So…. It's about as simple as could be - a chunk of wood wrapped with fabric and topped with oak or pine. I built a lot of...
  17. Chick-fil-a tie rack & lamp.

    Chick-fil-a free standing tie rack with built-in light and dimmer switch to display a collection of Chick-fil-a ties for a friend and owner of several Chick-fil-a's. The top is scroll work cut to the logo. He said he had over 200 ties and said he wanted a standing tie rack to show a few.
  18. Hanging Lamp

    Saw this online and decided to give it a shot. I can't take credit for the idea but I think it turned out well. Cost me $60 as I had all the wood from previous projects and the bicycle wheels were given to me. I turned the mounting plate on my lathe.
  19. LED Lamp Made from Red Cedar

    So I had a bunch of cedar logs that I had cut down into bowl blanks (I mostly do turning). I turned about as much as I could and decided to save the last few for something different. So I put them on the bandsaw and cut them down into small planks. trimmed them down a little on the tablesaw...
  20. bedside lamp

    this is a lamp i made a couple of years ago, it came from an old fence post that is on our family ranch…and came from a tree that was 400 to 500 years old…...i carved and shaped it also using some of its natural designs… am working on getting a custom lamp shade made that will add to this...
1-20 of 500 Results