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  1. The cutting edge

    After a friend treated me to a nice Cuban stogie, I reciprocated by creating this tabletop cigar clipper. The laminated wood was carved out to accept a standard plastic guillotine clipper and then glued-up. When you're going to smoke a special "ceegar," why prep it on a mass-produced clipper.
  2. Easter Eggs

    Made this basket of Easter Eggs for my Boss's mother. Made out of colorwood, colored laminated birch woods (plywood). Made on my small Carba-Tech lathe, sanded to 4000 grit, 2 coats of conversion varnish, and hand polished.
  3. St Louis box from David Picciuto's book

    This is my second St. Louis box. This one is made from Walnut, Maple, Padauk, and the drawer pull is Bloodwood. I made it according to the instructions in the book except for one thing. I made small rails from a 1/4" dowel that I split down the middle on my bandsaw. I glued the dowel halves on...
1-4 of 4 Results