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  1. Cherry & walnut thumbhole laminated stock for a Remington 600 carbine

    This is my latest experiment in carving gunstocks. This stock has way too many tight curves to sand around… The finger groves and all the intricate curves around the cheek rest and thumbhole require hand sanding after I'm finished carving on my stock duplicator. To get out all the cutter marks...
  2. Laminated rifle stock using maple, walnut & cherry.

    I just finished this stock. It was made from rough sawmill lumber that I dried, laminated and carved. I make laminated stocks for several reasons. The main one is stability for target shooting, the other big reason is the time needed to dry a thick blank and the high cost of fancy wood in sizes...
  3. Focus on the Workspace
    I am looking to improve my dust collection, right now I have a HF 2HP DC. I like the unit but I hate changing the bag and in my 9' x 11' shop it takes up valuable floor space. Here is my solution: I would like to modify the system by mounting the DC motor to the wall and connecting it to a...
1-3 of 3 Results