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  1. Tiger maple and cherry gunstock with a walnut forearm tip for a Savage 25-06

    I used mineral spirits to show that this stock will look like wtih a finish. It's going to look a lot better with more sanding and a Watco Tung oil (fruit or light walnut color) And then Lin-Speed gunstock oil from Brownells. I'm running out of tiger maple. I guess I'll have to start making...
  2. I´m not back yet

    Hi all folks. Just a small project made of wood, to keep myself on track. I´ve been out of the shop for a long period. I needed to keep close and take care of mom (90). She finally passed away last december. On January, in the middle of our summer holidays, my father in law passed away too...
  3. Seattle Seahawks Pepper Mill

    I'm no expert turner by any means, but I'm slowly getting the hang of turning pepper mills. I had these blanks made special order in Seattle Seahawks colors…because I live in the Pacific Northwest…I'm actually a conflicted Cowboy's fan. I do this a little different that I've seen other people...
1-3 of 3 Results