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  1. Coated Abrasive Belt Storage Labeling

    We needed to identify the grits of belts hanging near ceiling on split plastic pipe mounted to shelf supports. Our solution was using wooden blocks. First we band sawed each block from a 2×4 and then sanded to fit inside of each 3" diameter half pipe. Each block was screwed to a pipe. This...

    Wrapping up the Hickory table today. This material was grown and harvested from Indiana. Just waiting for several coats of lacquer.
  3. Site Help and Suggestions
    I took some pictures of my workshop and labeled them within Google's Picasa tool on my local computer. I uploaded the pictures to photobucket. I then posted the pictures to lumberjocks and was disappointed to see my labels were not present. Any suggestions on how to label pictures? I can...
  4. Blogs
    Introduction Hi all, I've been working on this Morris chair for the past 3 weeks and keeping pictures and my "blog entries" on imgur but I just realized that LumberJocks is a great place to keep the journey. I will be moving over a few entries at a time whenever I find the time. This is my...
1-4 of 4 Results