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  1. A wooden figure of the knight

    A wooden figure of the knight, inspired by the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. 125 mm, basswood, danish oil, wax
  2. Jarls set

    A small series of figurines dedicated to the lords and princes of the ancient Principality of Polotsk ( Different kinds of wood, average hight 100 mm
  3. The Konung, hnefatafl

    Gradually implement my old idea of creating a set of Hnefatafl (Viking chess). Cut 25 pieces of wood is exhausting, so you have to cheat. Made silicone molds and cast figurines of plasticrete. Will soon be able to boast of the end result
  4. ancient coat of arms "Pahonia"

    This is ancient symbol of bravery, honor and strength.
  5. Odin. Two variants

    Made two figures Odin, in the image of a warrior and a wanderer. When cut that with a spear was reading storm, thunder, tons of lightning)) Very exciting, took it as approval. Wood-cedar, 13 cm. danish oil dark walnut.
1-6 of 6 Results