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  1. Underwater World

    Hello all, it's been awhile since I posted a project because of my broken hand and then playing catch up to get some projects done. This one took AWHILE to finish because it was 341 pieces and a lot of them where very small. I spent a lot of time down on my hands and knees looking for a piece...
  2. First Cribbage Board

    I have been talking a big game (pun intended) about making a cribbage board. I was given a templet for drilling the holes and no longer had an excuse. So here is my quick version of my first cribbage board. The box is Koa and the board is Maple. The board has magnets to hold it in place as...
  3. Submarine Ukers Game Boards

    I was commissioned to reproduce an ukers board that someone had had made several years ago. The edges and one of the home ports (large squares) are made of Koa. the other home ports and the corresponding final strip are made of Bloodwood, Purple heart, and Mango. The dove tail slots in the home...
  4. A Krenov Inspired Cabinet on Stand in Six Days (pix)

    A veneered curly koa, James Krenov style cabinet on a sculpted, curved leg, stand. The doors are bookmatched with a strip of sapwood down the middle. The turned Gaboon ebony handles accent the koa's colors. This was a joint project completed in six days with expert woodworker and friend, Jack...
  5. Simple Boxes

    I used Koa and tiger maple to make these boxes. I used my table saw but I think I am going to get router table system to make box construction easier.
  6. Six Drawer Chest

    Large six drawer chest mostly koa wood. The shaped and chisel textured design elements on the drawer faces are also the pulls - providing two per drawer. Finish is Danish oil and water resistant lacquer.
  7. Koa Kerfmaker

    I was again challenged to try to make one of these neat little kerfmakers. I had looked at the video for Bridge City Tools and still cannot figure out how it is used with the second gapped area so I made one of my own design that is easily understood. It was just bit more tricky to fit...
  8. Medicne Cabinet

    This is my first major solid wood project. It is a variation on an arts and crafts cabinet I saw in the April 09 Popular Woodworking. I made this to replace the piece of junk in my trailer. This is another project that took a lot longer than expected. There were many things I had never done...
  9. Kurly Koa

    Koa and Oak box with Polynesian fish hooks. Another of the tapered-side boxes….this time, curly koa and quarter sawn oak. The sides are solid koa, tapered 10 degrees with mitered corners. The lid is shaped oak with koa veneer. The lift is oak, accented with a pair of carved mango Polynesian fish...
  10. Koa Music Stand

    I combined several different music stand designs and came up with this one. The wood is some 'leftover' koa. I keep every piece of cutoff of this valuable wood and use it for some project or another.
  11. Koa Wood Weave Mirror

    I wanted to give the illusion that the wood was weaving behind the mirror. The Koa diamonds took forever to rout and sand. Still learning. I finished the koa with lacquer. It is about 6' long.
  12. Koa wood Wave

    Video here: I got a piece of koa wood as a present and it was pretty enough to frame- but far to thick. I ripped this piece off with a combination of hand and power tools, then make a sunset from paduk and a frame out of curly maple. The blue areas are a mix of epoxy and pearl pigment
  13. Intarsia Carousel Giraffe (I’m my own worst enemy)

    Explanation: I wanted to make a piece that was a little more difficult and I think I went overboard. 402 pieces and 140 hours later this is what I ended up with. Hope yall like it. This one is another in a series of carousel animals that I'm trying to find a good place to donate them to. I...
  14. Mahogany/Cedar Jumbo Acoustic Guitar

    This was completed a few years ago. Jumbo Acoustic Guitar made of Mahogany, Cedar, Indian Rosewood, Ebony, Koa. Custom inlays of pearl include the owners signature on the back of the peghead, custom Sun Rosette inlay of Koa and Sapele. This is a powerhouse of a guitar with a big sound. A fun...
  15. Live Edge Meditation Bench

    This "finished" piece (it is still wet with the first coat of BLO) is a cherry live edge slab that was given to me as a present after I lamented about the difficulty of finding thick stock cherry wood to make tools with… and was too pretty to make into tools. I wanted something dramatic to...
  16. Koa/Cocobolo marking gauge

    I've needed a marking gauge on several projects lately and my old Marples is still packed in a box somewhere so made this one.
  17. Koa Mirrors

    I posted a longer version of this mirror 2 days ago. This is a mirror broke in the middle so I made two 29" mirrors. Thanks for looking! Wood is Koa.
  18. Backgammon

    Backgammon game. Box is koa & birch. playing surface is walnut and maple. Playing pieces are holly and koa. Concealed barrel hinges on the box. I used 4 super magnets to hold it closed.
  19. koa bible no.4

    My fourth take on bible carved from a solid piece of koa wood. Dimensions are aprox 22"x14"x3". I felled and milled this tree from a neighbor's ranch. The detail is hand-carved, and the pyrography done with a Nibsburner 1315 Woodburning System. The finish is hand sanded to 1500g and sealed with...
  20. Hawaiian Koa Cigar Pen, in platinum

    I was going to say, 'another day, another cigar' But apparently that's what I said last time I posted the sister of this gorgeous koa pen in my first 30 days challenge. My first intentional remake of a pen. (cause the other one sold). I guess it really is one of my favorites, and thus, this one...
1-20 of 265 Results