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  1. Hutch

    Built this for my wife, she wanted something a little more country.
  2. Entertainment Center

    I built this several years ago for our house. It was built in three sections so it could moved. Solid Knotty Pine with 1/4" plywood back The crown molding is a combination of stock molding and pieces I custom milled. Semi-gloss Lacquer finish.
  3. Getting Knotty in the Kitchen

    Well, here it is. My finished kitchen cabinets. After a little blunder with the Stile and Rail router bit... This kitchen was a dump when we moved in (along with the rest of the house.) There was a rusty old metal sink falling into a rotting brown laminated counter top, an old brown, rusty...
  4. Corner Hutch

    I wanted a matching corner hutch for the larger hutch we have in our dining room. This piece was built with old pine boards I had in my shop. They were used as supports when I was painting other projects and were covered in old paint. I sanded them up and glued them together and here is the...
  5. Barn Door

    Here's a barn door and a barn door style baby gate that I built for my son and his wife. They built an extra bedroom on their home and asked me to make the door(s). It was a fun project, but I suppose, I'm more proud of their work on the room!
  6. Golf Club Repair Stand

    I made the golf club repair stand by request for a buddy who does his own golf club repairs. He wanted a stand to set the clubs on while the adhesives were drying, etc… I cut the parts out of a glued panel of knotty pine and painted it Espresso.
  7. 2-Pot Plant Hanger

    I made a different version of my 2-pot plant hanger for a buddy and his wife. I usually stain them Vs. painting them. I cut it out from a glued panel of knotty pine. Knots are hard to hide with paint. I may use poplar next time I am painting instead of staining. All in all I think it looks ok.
  8. Mailbox for Summer

    Tim hired me to build this mailbox for Summer…I think he needs to score some points!lol. The flag is supposed to be a palm tree.
  9. Office Door

    My first real woodworking project. I did this door as a test for my basement office. I must have done too good of a job because my wife wants 12 more for in the house. Made from knotty pine and finished with Minwax Early American and Poly.
  10. Knotty Pine Urn/Vase

    I started this project with the intention of creating a decorative outside on the Vase. I showed my wife before I took it off the lathe, and immediately my plans changed. You can't cover that up, it's too pretty. Apparently.!!! So off to plan be. Which is glue up a block of builders pine and...
  11. Solid pine vanity

    This started as a gift idea for my father's new house. After setting on a design, I went for 16/4 knotty pine sized down to 3¾" that I used for the legs, upper and lower rails on all four sides and the middle rail on the front to give it a massive and rustic look. The funny thing with wood that...
  12. Knotty Pine Corner Cupboard

    My daughter needed more pantry space in there lakefront cabin. So here was my solution, a knotty pine corner cupboard with 1/2" Baltic birch shelves all dadoed in place. The three back walls are cabinet grade 3/4 pine plywood. And the face frame a doors are glued up from the remnants of my T&G...
  13. barely knotty box

    This started out as my entry for both the secret and knotty projects in the 2009 winter woodworking awards. I think I spent about as much time tearing apart the shop looking for something with "a knot like no other", as I did building this box. One upshot is that I finally got my shop cleaned...
  14. Dining Room Table

    This dining room table seats up to ten people. The top is constructed out of one-by knotty pine material. The planks and perimeter frame are butted and glued together with biscuit strips. The skirt and legs are constructed from pine and stained ebony. The four-by legs are tapered to create a...
  15. A few Boxes

    Here's a few boxes I've built: 1. A pen box (to hold a pen, of course). Purple Heart and Ash(I believe) with an inlayed strip in the top. I bought the inlay. This was the model for a class I taught, but eventually dropped. 2. Badda-Binga Box. The carcass is Bubinga with Maple/Purple...
  16. Woodworking Skill Share
    I cut some boards from a seasoned log. The moisture is down to 25%. I'm wondering if I need to bother with painting the ends?
  17. Woodworking Skill Share
    As some of you have probably read, I recently found out the house I am tearing down has rough cut Ash studs in it. I am think I will use these for my workbench top. (see my blog on the house process: ) There is also some 2" x 6" clear pine that...
  18. Wood & Lumber
    Hi Everyone, Im new to the LJ site, but thrilled to find it. I have nine knotty pine v-groove arch top pine door slabs that I need to finish for a vacation house Im trying to have built this summer. Im a pretty handy guy and have done some minor finishing over the years including some custom...
  19. Marketplace Classifieds
    Many of you have been following my adventures of reclaiming some knotty pine: Look at the blogs for pictures. 1st entry has pictures of it still on the wall. I have about all of it out that I can store for now. I hate to see the rest go up in...
  20. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hey All, I just wanted to pass along a tip I learned awhile back from one of the Wood Whisperer videos that worked really well for me when trying to mill some 9" wide bloodwood that was cupped on one side. It worked really well for me. Here's what I did: 1) Remove the jointer guard. 2) Run 9"...
1-20 of 24 Results