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  1. Secret Door Bookcase

    Knotty Alder hidden room behind bookcase.. Sherwin Williams BAC stain (mission oak ). I used a Matt finish. (Dull rubbed with additional flattening agent to reduce sheen). Customer loved it. Me too
  2. Walnut and Knotty Alder, Bandsaw Box

    Made this one from Walnut, Knotty Alder using Hackberry for the handles, finished with Tung Oil and Lacquer.
  3. Bar Back

    This was a really cool project at work. I really had fun building it. Couple wanted something different to set their peninsula bar apart. The kitchen is done in knotty alder. The radiused raised panel bar back with turned corner legs really made this job a one of a kind.
  4. Pantry Door Made of Knotty Alder

    This door replaced an earlier one made from pine with obscured glass panels. That door was nice, but as I found time to complete the interior doors in the house with knotty alder, it no longer fit in and looked out of place. The popularity of the doors I sell has meant less time to complete my...
  5. Alder bed

    This bed, along with several other beds and cabinets, were made from some solid knotty alder doors that were in a warehouse fire. I purchased 22 doors for $240. I still have some of the wood left over.
  6. Rustic hall table

    A friend wanted a stout and rustic hallway table. Knotty Alder. Top and sides are 8/4. The shelves and rails at the top are 5/4. Shelves are pinned sliding dovetails hand planed in to fit. Top is epoxy that I finished to a matte look as they wanted. Was a fun build
  7. Picture Frames

    Hello, Here are a few pic's of my latest project, I used Oak and Knotty Alder. The joints are Half Laps, Miter and Brindle's. The edges are a mix of Edge beading,1/4,1/2 rounds and a few camfers. I elected to use Dye's followed by Gel Stain's, several different types topcoats (poly,Laquer...
  8. Plant stand

    Here is a small plant stand, it's made from leftover wood. The orginal request was a small bench for a coffee cup, the plan changed slightly. I made the shelves out of Jatoba,side rails are stained Knotty Alder, both are sealed with Poly. Enjoy
  9. Distressed Knotty Alder Sliding Barn Door

    Here's a door we constructed/installed for a customer that wanted a very specific look. They showed us a picture from a hardware manufacturer's website and wanted to make a very similar door. The door is made of new, kiln dried knotty alder and is a total thickness of 1.75″. There is a mixture...
  10. Yet Another New Design Change On My Open top Valet Boxes (Bandsaw Box), Pecan

    I started brain storming again trying to reinvent the wheel or should I say my wheel anyway on my already hybrid bandsaw box design (valet box), by adding the slab draw fronts replacing the blade cut rounded corner fronts, I think this gives a newer, sleeker design and a cleaner look, though...
  11. Hope Chest, Knotty Alder trimmed in Mahogany

    My very first hope chest, I built this for a customer and will be put on display at a party during the delivery 7/23/11. I optioned Knotty Alder and Mahogany for this build, finished it with Tung Oil and Brush on Lacquer, The knots I used epoxy to fill in also a first time doing this, seems I...
  12. Tim's Five Board Bench

    The concept is based on Charles Neil's Five Board Bench video which you can find here. This bench is made from rough Knotty Alder. If you look at any of my other projects you will see that I like nice clean, simple lines. I think it had that. This is the first time I primarily used hand planes...
  13. Our Kitchen Remodel

    We have finally finished our kitchen remodel. Here are some pics of the finished cabinets. For an inside look at the construction details, check out my blog.
  14. My very first walking cane

    This is my very first cane to make, I made it for my dad as his Christmas gift. I made this cane out of Knotty Alder with Walnut for the handle, I found that the knotty Alder was very forgiving easy to work with and also offered sturdy support.
  15. Knotty Alder Rustic Bookshelf Library

    This office library bookshelf system in Knotty Alder is 16' wide with 12' ceiling height. The cabinet height is 9', and the area above the bookshelves is done with raised panel wainscoting. The customer had 2 requests: 1. He wanted his globe to be the center of attention, and my photography...
  16. Large Vase

    It took 28 days to complete this project. It measures 27" tall, 16" in diameter at the center and 12" in diameter at the top. The base is mahogany and the top is knotty alder, leopard wood, purple heart and maple. Finished with Tung oil, friction polish and bees wax. This is the link to all the...
  17. Alder/ Turquoise inlaid End Tables

    These tables are the first fine furniture I have ever attempted. Both my wife and I are thrilled with the way they turned out. They are made of knotty alder, with hard maple, ebony, and turquoise inlays. They are approximately 16" square and 25" tall, and finished with 3 coats of Watco Natural...
  18. Barn Doors

    I have mentioned that were are doing custom passage doors though my cabinet door shop here in Lubbock. Even without pushing, the last year we have done several jobs, including a couple of sets of sliding barn doors. Obviously, this was a pretty complicated build. Each door was almost 4 ft. wide...
  19. Designing Woodworking Projects
    All: Had some friends visit over the weekend. The wife of the couple is doing more craft fair jewelry stuff to help make ends meet. While we were visiting, my wife pulled out a candle lantern that I had made to show it off. The friend exclaims, "you could sell that at a craft fair. That is...
1-20 of 22 Results