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  1. A wooden figure of the knight

    A wooden figure of the knight, inspired by the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. 125 mm, basswood, danish oil, wax
  2. The teutonic knight

    Little warrior is made from a piece of chestnut that it was a pity to throw away. Turned quickly and funny
  3. ancient coat of arms "Pahonia"

    This is ancient symbol of bravery, honor and strength.
  4. The Knight

    Although the knight looks like a chess figure, it is actually a small souvenir with the inscription of my country BELARUS, which is often called the country of castles. On the shield is an ancient symbol - known as the Jagiellonian cross or the cross of the Euphrosyne of Polotsk.
  5. Huge version of "Ultimate Cross Cut Sled"

    In the process of building big set of storage cabinets. My 26" x 36" crosscut sled with a single wooden runner just was not cutting in (or at least not as precisely as I would like). So I figured it was time for something bigger. This sled is based on "Ultimate Cross Cut Sled" from FWW...
  6. some sword displays - humble first project post

    Here are a few sword stands I've made. All for myself- thus allowing me to forgive the flaws such as a totally botched finish on the table top one. I still have no idea how I got it so wrong, but rather than sand the piece down I decided to "distress" it a bunch… yeah, that works. I did the same...
  7. Blocky Chess Pieces

    A friend approached me with a design for chess pieces that would be a Christmas gift for her husband. I don't own a lathe, so I was a little hesitant until she showed me some sketches. The pieces are all cubes and shaped based loosely on the movement of the piece. The pawns are 1"x1"x1"...
  8. Custom Sculpted Folk Art Walking Cane with Spiral Twisted Carved Face Scrimshaw symbols life story

    --------------------------------- This cane was commissioned To see other walking canes that are for sale, click here --------------------------------- Just the Facts: Wood: Kansas Black Walnut Carvings: Customer's Husband's face, with life-story symbols carved in twisting hair...
  9. The Making of a Knight chess piece

    The shape of the knight as turned on the lathe is seen in the third image. It is then band sawn flat. Then after viewing various horse profiles, a dremel (primarily) is used to shape and detail the horse head.
  10. Wooden Toy Sword - Gondorian Ranger Sword

    This is my homage to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I loved all the swords and armor from the movie. Each one had a sense of realism and history to its character. For all you Lord of the Rings fan geeks, this sword was carried by the Numerorian in the prologue to the Fellowship of the Ring. It...
  11. Marketplace Classifieds
    For Sale I have 2 used hand planes from Knights Toolworks I don't know much about these planes, I acqiured them 4 years ago and never used them once, all I can do is provide the markings that are on them. However, I think they are both smoothing planes. plane#1 #47 with the date of 06/2003...
  12. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    I am considering a Makita Wheel Sander but it is a pricey tool. I would like to use it to clean up barn wood that I like to build with. Does anyone have any experience with one and what feedback can you give me. I have to decide whether to go with the Makita or build my own brushing wheel...
1-14 of 14 Results