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  1. Valentine Mouse

    Did this little chap in Box for my wife for Valentine's day this year. I love the way box will take detail and a "straight from the knife" finish.
  2. Miniature Rose in Boxwood

    As you will see from the pound coin next to it this one is a bit of a miniature. In total it's only about 4inches (100mm) tall. Done in Box so that I could get detail and finish without needing to use abrasives.
  3. Damascus marking knife

    I haven't posted any projects in a while, because I have been busy making, & going to school. But Im still on LJ daily checking out everyone else's pieces. I will start posting them soon as I Get all my pictures rounded up. This marking knife was a collaboration between my friend ryan and I...
  4. Another Mixed Hardwood End Grain Board

    Hot off the press today with another 3 near complete (pics to follow). Really pleased with this one as the end grain showed some gorgeous colouring and detail. Oak, Ash, Padauk, Sapele, Maple and Beech. Rounded finger holds added using a 1/4" bull nosed router bit. Dimensions - 450mm x 320mm x...
  5. Heart on glass

    Hi, I really hate buying greetings cards, especially when they eventually find their way into the bin, so I tend to like to create my own and this was an idea I had to use some small glass shelves that were left over from a cabinet that we had thrown away. The heart is carved from a bit of oak...
  6. Birch spoon

    Another carved spoon, a little different this time. Also, this one was not spoken for by one of my children so got my initials kolrosed in the back and will be for my cereal :).
  7. First knife

    So, here's my first knife project. It's a Woodcraft kit and was fairly easy to assemble.
  8. Fillet Knife for Dirty Santa gift

    I made this fillet knife with Zebrawood scales, brass cutlery rivets and finished with three coats of Waterlox wood finish.
  9. Restored old knife

    Several moths ago, my Brother in law gave me an old knife to put a new handle on for him. I have to admit, I had so much fun doing this I had to do another. I searched flea markets and junk sales just trying to find the right one. I finally found it, and...
  10. Pocket Knife

    Made this recently. The photos don't do the tiger maple justice. Used 25 coats of poly on it. My 12 year old son is already eyeing it. I actually want him to have it
  11. Pair of Kiridashi Knives for Swap

    We're having the reveals for the LumberJocks Knife Swap today so check out all the cool work! This was an interesting swap theme for me. I spent a bunch of time researching styles of knives that I thought would be useful to a woodworker but that most woodworkers may not have already. I have...
  12. Martin Luther King SAVE THE CHILDREN cutting board and kit knives with Wenge handles

    Hello All Thanks for looking at my project. yellowheart, wenge from Africa and Black cherry from Memphis. About 12 years ago we lived in Bartlett, Tennessee which is a suburb of Memphis. In the Sunday paper we noticed a classified ad for cherry and walnut lumber @ a dollar a board foot. Never...
  13. forged bike chain kitchen knives

    For the Lumberjocks 2017 Knife Swap I forged this pair of kitchen knives and sent them to my buddy ToddJB. In a funny twist of events, he gave me the bicycle chain originally… well before I knew my swap recipient. And now the chains are returned back to him in a slightly altered form. I...
  14. Marking Knife

    This is my second shopmade marking knife. The first one works great except when you need to park in a small space (i.e. marking dovetails etc..) and I have been putting off making a new one for some time now. Well, this morning the blade separated it's...
  15. Couple repair jobs

    I've had this old Western W49 Bowie knife for a very long time. It's a 1967 model that the original owner beat the hell out of on a concrete wall. The handles were gone, the blade was beat up and rusted pretty bad. This knife originally had a 12" blade and now it is 11 1/2" due to grinding away...
  16. First of maybe a series.

    This is my first "Survival Knife" It is made of Damascus steel with Canary wood handle scales. Hard to make out in the picture but that is a 4 leaf clover set into the left side of the handle. This knife includes 5' of 550 Paracaord, Compass, Matches, Fishing kit, and a sewing kit in the...
  17. Walnut and Cherry Wooden Knife

    My wife asked me if I could make a wooden knife for cutting brownies and cakes. This is my first attempt. The blade is cherry and the handle black walnut. Finish is mineral oil and beeswax. Roger
  18. Well-intentioned bread knife (cherry)

    I grabbed a well-seasoned cherry limb for this, not realizing that it was a little rotten until after the epoxy had dried. :( I tried carving anyway, but it had a lot of soft spots, and didn't sand up well. (The pics give it more justice than it deserves.) Too bad, since it is pretty wood-just...
  19. Knife Handle

    Svord is a New Zealand knife maker and their new Peasant Knife is a simple and beautiful thing but comes with a plastic handle in its cheapest form. I wanted the wood version but didn't want to pay extra for someone else to have the fun to make the handle ( actually they cheat and their handles...
  20. Custom Exotic Steak Knife Set Stainless Steel Damascus Elk Antler Fossilized Walrus Ivory Walnut

    This six (6) piece Steak Knife Set was commissioned and has been sold. If you would like something similar, please email me at: [email protected] for more information. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Specs: Blades: Stainless Steel Damascus, 33...
41-60 of 500 Results