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  1. Projects Knife Swap 2022, fun swap

    Over the years I have made many a sharp edge tool, but up till now all of them were of rudimentary design. Saw blades sawed to make scraper cards, a variety of crude holders to attach a scalpel blade to, things like that, so this swap was something new, to make a knife. So far I have made 11 of...
  2. Projects Knife set for 2022 knife swap

    This swap was a knife swap, and I wanted to make a folding knife. I got the mechanism from Santa Fe Stoneworks and dug out some stabilized birch I have left from Minnesota. It originally came from some wind-downed trees at Timber Bay Lodge, where we stayed on vacation back when we lived in...
  3. Projects damascus kitchen knives

    these are made from damascus steel. LJ'S member (ken90712) turned me onto the company he used to make was over a year ago when i bought them and have forgotten the name.maybe ken will see this and chime in with the company name. the handles are made from cocobolo with stainless steel...
  4. Projects 2 x 72 grinder orange beast

    Hey all, (as seen on Forged in Fire) Just sharing my latest project, a 2 x 72 grinder, (meaning 2" wide belt x 72" in length). This is a kit in that I ordered from Brian House of HousemadeUS, He had the flat work CNC'd as well the raw square tube available as well. He has recommended vendors for...
  5. The Baristas' Valentine Knife

    A couple weeks ago I went to the drive thru coffee shop and the barista ordered a knife-I didn't get coffee!!! All's good. She gave this knife to a friend on Valentine's Day. The materials used: 1) water buffalo horn, 2) acrylic liners, 3) brass, and 4) sapele wood. Plus, hours of assembly...
  6. Knife Scales from Palm

    New Video out: Damascus knife, custom mosaic pins, palm leaf composit handle and epoxy inlay :)
  7. Cherry, Maple and Alder serving Box

    I made this box for my Father for fathers day, he is always having barbecue's for my family, and his table outside was always full, so i thought i could house the paper plates inside a box so they would not blow away and make more storage above them. Then I had the idea to add the steak knives...
  8. Knife for my daughter - post

    Knife for my daughter she's a grown up now… My sweet little daughter is still sweet, but not small any more. She is turning 18 on the 17 this month but we already celebrated her big day a month early, so friends and family would not yet be on holiday. Half a year ago, she told me that when she...
  9. bread knives

    I had fun making these but didn't really need all of them. I took them to the office and they sold like hotcakes. I really like working with different wood species. These small projects give me the opportunity without much cost.
  10. Czeck Edge Pilot marking knife

    This was my first completed woodturning project. The handle is olivewood; the metal parts (blade and ferrule) came from Czeck Edge. Overall length is about 5 1/2". The finish is Zinsser Bulls Eye shellac cut to 50% with denatured alcohol, plus about 20% boiled linseed oil. UPDATE 2009-06-25: I...
  11. First Folder

    This was my first knife build. The knife itself is just a kit that you can get. The scales (hadles) were traced from blanks that came with the knife kit. There made from quarter sawn sycamore. Cut out, roughed out, and then fine tuned with a dremel and hand sanding. The finish was a cpl...
  12. Knife made from old saw blade

    This knife was made only with hand tools. It took me all weekend :D , it was a looong weekend. Saw blade diameter 350mm , 96 tooth. Used material for handle is walnut and maple wood. The glue that holds together it is clear epoxy. Here is a link .
  13. Japan meets Finland knife no 59 - post

    Japfin, knife no 59 Japan meets Finland As the headline explains, this is a try to make a knife that fusion the elegance of knifes from Japan and Finland. The blog is about the one on top. My knife making is my meditation and after I started forging blades also, it has gotten a new...
  14. knife scales

    Segmented walnut and ash Skinner knife scales
  15. Homemade bread slicer 2 versions

    My wife was making bread for my daughters lunches and needed a quick and easy way to cut the loaf into even slices so I came up with this design. I assembled the pieces of oak with screws and cover them up with dowels that were sanded flush. I had to cut the slots in the guide sides with a...
  16. Curly Maply knife scale, epoxy, and Vingear Chemical Stain

    This one has a kind of fun way to chemicaly stain the wood :) Video: Depending on the Tannin content the wood can either grey out, or turn totally black (oak), or not do a whole lot at all. Fun to play with :) The stain in apple cider vinegar (1 jar) to a couple ultra fine steel wool pads...
  17. Serrated Tomato Knife

    Got a new video up, Made this handle out of applewood and some seed pods I found in Hawaii
  18. Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

    Kids have so many toys these days, it's very hard for a grandpa to know what to get for a five-year-old's birthday. My solution is to make something for my grandchildren, and give them a little cash along with that so they can buy whatever toy they might want. This year the gift is a jigsaw...
  19. father's day present

    This is the knife I made my dad for father's day. I got the blade from WC. I also made the sheath. It was my first time working with leather, so didn't turn out quite as well as I wanted, but it serves it's purpose. The handle is made from sapele.
1-20 of 500 Results