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  1. It is not a Rocket

    When i was making this stool a comment was made that it looked like I was sitting on a rocket. So when I made the seat there was a lot of shaping to distract the eye from that. Think it worked out. The timber is Australian Silky Oak. A colleague had to take a tree down in his yard, and he...
  2. Kitchen stool

    Here is a kitchen stool I build for Matt's daughter, Senja. She often wants to partake in what's going on way up on the kitchen island, or the kitchen sink. Using a chair made mom & dad nervous, so here it is. The height was chosen to match the kitchen island. Its platform is about 20×20...
  3. Extra Tall Bar Stool

    The bar height of my kitchen counter is an unusually tall 46-1/2". Unfortunately, typical store-bought bar stool are 24 or 29". We have two of the larger stools, but they were not tall enough for our counter. Our counter required 33-1/2" stools. I used White Oak with non-thorugh mortice and...
  4. A Few Household Projects

    Though I've been spending some time in the shop, I haven't taken the time to upload any projects to LJ's. Thought I'd get that taken care of today. First is a kitchen stool, modified from a free plan I found on the internet. The starting plan was for bar stools, some 10" taller. I cut the...
  5. Wood & Lumber
    I'm trying to make a stand-up computer station that sits on top of a regular cube-farm desk. I'm a noob at wood-working and thought this would be relatively simple (looks don't really count in this instance). I was thinking of a 2X2 red oak… frame I guess you'd call it-four legs with 1X2...
  6. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    A co-worker has this Delta Homecraft for sale. He's asking $70 for it. Is this worth the effort to clean up to use?
1-6 of 6 Results