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  1. Repurposed end tables into kitchen cart

    Here's a project I just recently finished. My wife and I picked up some old beat-up end tables for $20 from an old antique furniture store. We were planning to just refurbish the end tables, but we never got around to it. We also had a space in our kitchen between the fridge and the stove...
  2. Microwave cart from pallet wood

    My son needed a microwave cart. I broke down some pallets, got some iron wheels, and 1/4 inch pipe. I used my shopsmith 510 to make the cart. It matches the coffee table and dining room table I made for him.
  3. Mobile Kitchen Cart

    I normally don't post my projects for fear of ridicule (I say that slightly in jest, but I'm fully aware of all my mistakes) however I'm relatively proud of this one. It might be the nicest thing I've built thus far. This is a mobile kitchen cart, based on free plans from The Woodsmith Shop...
  4. Kitchen Cart

    I'm a photographer and was asked to get a kitchen cart by my food stylist., So being a woodworker, of course I built one. It's made from walnut and maple. There are a couple of ways to make the edge grain top and shelves. My approach was to glue up the walnut center sections first, trim to size...
  5. Red Oak and Mahogany, Granite Top Kitchen Cart

    I built this cart for a client who saved his sink cut-outs when he had granite countertops installed, ( thrifty like me). The framework and top is 1" x 2" red oak with 1/2" mahogany laminated together. Joinery is Rocklers Beadlock. First time using them and I was Impressed with the $20.00 kit...
  6. Finishing
    Looking for advice on finishing a custom kitchen cart I purchased from a builder in my city. I know there's a wood stain on the surface, however small water marks have been appearing since I got it a few months ago. I'd like to put a coating on the wood to protect it from liquid, especially...
1-6 of 6 Results