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  1. Pair of Kiridashi Knives for Swap

    We're having the reveals for the LumberJocks Knife Swap today so check out all the cool work! This was an interesting swap theme for me. I spent a bunch of time researching styles of knives that I thought would be useful to a woodworker but that most woodworkers may not have already. I have...
  2. Kiridashi Pair with Block

    When I made a pair of Kiridashi knives for LJ KelleyCrafts in the recent knife swap, his wife tried to steal them. In haste to retain ownership, Dave told her not to worry, he'd get me to make her a pair of her own. Well, it took me about 3 months (and it cost Dave dearly in trade ;-P) but I...
  3. Studley, Stickers and a Sketcher

    My buddy EarlS has been a most generous fellow to me (and other LJs I know) over the years. I have had to refrain from mentioning to him that I like something he made because he has a terrible habit of making another and shipping it to me in short order ;-) So last year, we were both doing a...
1-3 of 3 Results