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  1. The last swap of the year

    We just finished up the last swap of 2020 it it was fun one. Here is my contribution to the LJ 2020 Knife Swap. Since I do not have the means of making my own knife as a few of the guys did I went with a refurb idea I ahve been wanting to try. I have carried a Victorinox Swiss Army knife for...
  2. bottle stopper

    This Bottle Stopper was hand turned on a wood lathe and cut to shape then sanded to a smooth finish and polished to a brilliant shine. It is made out of King wood. The stopper is chrome with a rubber seal to fit most bottles. It is 4 ½" tall and 1 ½" round.
  3. KingWood Clock for a Woodworking Presentation

    I'm preparing a presentation on Veneering for our Woodworking Guild in Lynchburg VA. I've been busy gluing up some samples of book matching and slip matching and things to look out for. Cutting, layout etc. I'd been thinking of something that would be dramatic. And during this time I had been...
  4. Stunning Hand-crafted Chess Board

    A fun project made as a wedding present for my close friend. He saw one that I made for my dad and asked for one for himself. Took more hours than I ever expected, he had no idea how much this was really worth! The base is carved out of a single piece of maple burl. The squares & tips of the...
  5. Shop made smoothing plane

    Here's a little (big) smoothing plane I made recently. I wanted a nice high angle wooden smoother for tougher woods, and here is what I came up with. It is made of birch, kingwood, and sports a 3/8" thick ipe sole. The wedge is also kingwood, and like the front top edges of the sides, has just...
1-5 of 5 Results