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  1. Projects Kids fidget toy

    I was going to visit our God son and his other 2 brothers and his sister in OKC, and I can never go empty handed. So I remember seeing something similar on LJ a while back and thought this is perfect. It articulates and has a nice feel in your hand. The kids loved them and were going to take...
  2. Hammer toy

    Hammer toy for youngest grandson! Lil tyke is almost a year old and needs to build up those guns! What better toy than a flip bench with hammer! Made form Oak mostly and some Pine. Finished with a few coats of Shellac. Added some color to the tops of the pegs to help draw his attention to the...
  3. Wooden Toy Car - Hot Rod Freaky Ford - 32 Ford Sedan - Lavender

    Another in the Hot Rod Freaky Ford series. A lavender and metallic purple paint scheme. The paint is Behr Oops paint form Home Depot I get for $0.50. When ever I'm in the store I walk by the paint department to see what they have. At first I grabbed everything but soon realized that I would wind...
  4. Nerf crossbow

    I made 3 nerf crossbows out of pine, oak, and maple. The picture shows the string as a bungee cord, but I have switched them over to surgical tubing to get greater distance.
  5. Ready, aim, shoot! Fun multi-target for foam dart guns

    While my wife probably thinks I'm nuts…I made this multi-feature target for my son's nerf dart guns. (IMO, the ones offered in the store stink!) So, this version, made from workshop scraps, has three fun features: 1) Two plexiglass inserts fit into channels routed down the side of the frame...
  6. Rocking Pony

    After finding the plans for this Rocking Pony, I had to make it for our two year old granddaughter. The body is aspen and the saddle, mane, and tail are red oak. All is coated with General Finishes semi. One thing this project had a lot amount of waste. The pink rhinestones gives a little...
1-6 of 6 Results