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  1. Children's Table and Chair Set

    We made this royal purple table to match a particular child's room. Got the diamond effect from some simple painters tape after the base coat was applied. All the colors were done with regular acrylic paint that we sealed after it cured. The little finials we got at Michaels crafts store to...
  2. Child's Step Stool

    I made this step-stool for my nephew, Patricio, a few months back. He was dissapointed when he came over to our house and he couldn't reach the sink to wash his hands. My 5 year old nephew then requested/ordered me to build him a step-stool, so this is what I came up with from a few pieces of...
  3. Children's Table and Chair Set

    Built this for my daughter and then decided if we could sell a few online.
  4. Doll Cradle

    This is a pine, hand dove-tailed doll cradle I designed for my youngest granddaughter. My favorite projects are those that involve making things for kids. The expression of joyful delight on their faces is priceless.
  5. Children's Table and Chair Set #2

    Another one of our Table sets with an artist rendering.
  6. Minimalist Reclaimed Wood Step stool

    Step stool for the little one so he can do the dishes… Structure made of whitewashed pallet wood and the steps are boards of the local hardwood Sapán. The steps were lightly sanded and oiled. The Colombian hardwood Sapán is a very dense and beautiful wood, unaffected by insects and weather.
  7. Bunk Beds in Maple and Purpleheart

    I designed and built these bunkbeds for my two boys. I received a lot of helpful advice from the LJ community, especially the swap folks, thank you all! Posts are 2.5"x2.5" hard maple; everything else started as 1×6 or 1×4 nominal (hard maple and purpleheart). Construction is full...
  8. Kid Room Furniture: White Shelf and Bed

    Made from Poplar and beadboard. Finished with white paint. I made the bed and shelf frames from poplar using mortise and tennon joints. The inset panels are made from bead board (beads are visible on both sides). Lower portion of shelf (both sides) hinge out on piano hinges and function as...
  9. My Daughter's Dresser

    With our second child on the way, we needed to upgrade my 2 year old from the changetable / dresser to a dedicated dresser for her clothes. Time was an issue so there was no plan to do any fine woodwork. This would be a plywood and paint affair. Constructed mainly of 3/4" birch plywood with...
  10. Toddler bench

    Made this for my 4 year-old's Pre-K class. It's 3/4" clear pine with pocket screw joinery. I can't stress enough how much I use my Kreg pocket hole jig… The only finish I put on it was a few coats of clear poly (I don't have any pictures post-poly). I did all the design and cutting at home...
  11. Kids Toy Organizer

    After stepping on so many toys and tripping countless times, eventually I figured out that we needed to move the toys off the floor. I saw something similar to this online and decided to make my own. First step was to buy some plastic storage bins that have a lip suitable for sliding on...
  12. Train Table

    We found a good deal on a train set for our kids but needed the obligatory table to go with it. Prices for a well-built one were ridiculous and the cheap ones were just that. Perfect project for some leftover Ash that I had in the shop. This would actually make a good general use play table...
  13. Library Cart

    Here's my first project to post to LJ. I made this for my sister's kids for Christmas. They go to the library a lot and bring home tons of books each time, but have no where to put them so they end up all over the house. I saw a cart similar to this on pinterest and thought I could build it...
  14. A Princess Bed for Christmas

    This is a headboard project I just finished as a Christmas present for my niece Kaylee, it was really a lot fun to do since it is was way different from what I normally make. She is really into Disney and even more so the Tinkerbell fairy if you can't tell. I mounted some lights in the towers...
  15. Rocking Horse for grand daughter

    I had never made one before and saw it as a fun project. I made the body out of 3 pieces of 2×8 glued up. The rockers I used slightly shorter circumference than I had used for rocking chairs in the past, 39". I wanted it to be a little more active than a chair. I made the head separately...
  16. Loft Bed

    I made this loft bed for my neighbor's daughter. It's got a lot of storage with a pretty cool little desk underneath. The best part is they wanted to do the finishing work!!
  17. More bunk beds

    I made another bunk bed for a family in my community! I used longer boards this time and feel like the quality was higher! Maybe I should sell these too??!
  18. Previous Project 2 -- Matching Candle Shelf

    Here is my idea…I will post some of my previously build projects so you all can see what kind of work I have done and where my current skill level is at. Unfortunetally, I haven't kept a good digital photo record of all my past projects (including some that I felt turned out really well), so I...
  19. Child's Bench

    Just a little bench to use up some of the scraps building a pile in the corner, I can't hardly stand to throw any wood away. More of a garden accent than anything, size is not very practical and way out of proportion but much nicer looking this way than in a heap in the corner!
  20. Boat Bed with Navigation Lights | Custom

    I've built lots of these boat beds over the years, but this one I added something unique. I added navigation lights to the Bow. This is great to use as a night light or just simply every cool. It is a real navigation lights bought form a local boat supply store. I then had to connect a 12...
1-20 of 37 Results