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  1. International Keychains

    This project originated from two sources. A garage sale find and internet orders. The first and second pics are the result. Finished keychains, destined for a new friend of mine in Mumbai, India and Sarasota, FL. The next two are of a piece of 50-60s vintage, solid maple bedstand. It was...
  2. Recent Orders and Experiments

    This is new and fun for me. I can not stand to throw away cool knots and weak burly pieces. So I now save them up for the slow times and experiment with adding new mediums. Wooden jewelry is IN. The first pic is of my standard keychains in Alexandrian Laurel, Bloodwood, Lauro Preto and Cuban...

    Custom made keychain plates - 3mm beech plywood 6×6cm, pyrography sign. Finish - two layers glossy laquer.

    Some fun turnings for my family. Since my surname is ŽIRović and ŽIR means ACORN on my Croatian language …it's logical to make some acorn keychains. Walnut and oak. Finish wood oil. ...Ofcourse, they are not all same shape and sizes…let's say….I wanted them that way…hehehe
  5. Another day at the Bandsaw

    In order, the woods are Paduak, Brazilian Cherry, Red Oak, Pau Amarello (Yellowheart), Cherry and Walnut. They are free-hand carved in a style I developed myself for strength and readability on a 1976 12" Sears bandsaw. Thanks for looking.
  6. Order to the U.K.

    I love LumberJocks and I understand this is not the place to sell or overly promote your work. But, doing these keeps me sane, busy and away from the places I could get into trouble, when I'm not working my real job (paper mill). Besides I love doing them. And everyone loves their name. Among...
  7. Keychains, Holla!

    I turned a few keychains tonight. Zebrawood, Lignum Vitae, Olive Wood, and Bocote. I love the patterns on the Bocote and Zebrawood, the lignum vitae smells so good, and the olive wood was a PIA to turn!
  8. School Fundraising Project

    School Fundraiser Project Conquering the world… one keychain at a time. I was contacted back in October by Mr. Toy, at Westborough Middle School in South San Francisco, about perhaps working with him and his students on a Christmastime fundraiser, to raise money for a class trip to the...
  9. Keychains for Lovers

    These are orders from the past week. The first pic is of Pau Amarello (yellowheart) keychains with inlaid Paduak hearts. The rest have hearts colored with acrylic ink. The woods (respectively) are Boxwood, Purpleheart, Zebrawood and Pau Amarello (again). They are cut on a 1976 Craftsman...
  10. Keychains in Brazilian Cherry, Cherry and White Oak

    I just receive these woods from fellow LumberJock Scott Bryan as a result of my forum topic This is a great deal for me as there are no small hardwood dealers within an hour of me, just the China Outlets. I love checking my mail now. No telling what'll show...
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Jocks, I need help/advice with my tools. I had such a frustrating weekend so let me give you the back story and vent a little… I'm in the final stages of building my radiator covers. The only piece left is the french cleat to attach them to the wall. I figured I would just bump the table saw...
  12. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I use my LM75R blade a fair amount. Today I was cleaning the teeth and I noticed one of the carbide teeth looked odd. Upon closer examination I realized that there is is a problem with the carbide on one of the teeth. What should I do? Anything?
1-12 of 12 Results