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  1. Recent pieces - "Peace in Wood" Video

    Continuing to conquer the world… one keychain at a time. 1st - Ipe, Paduak, Pau Amarello - HeartFob Keychains 2nd - Walnut Keychains 3rd - Mixed Exotics Samplers 4th - Oak Desk Name 5th - Cherry Love Keychain 6th - Cumaru HeartFob I also took a short video of a keychain being born… here...
  2. Just a few smalls

    Just a few small projects I have finished this week. The first 2 bottle stoppers are mahogany. The next 2 are pecan. The fifth is a sapele keychain. The pen on the end is 24 kt gold it is made of some old barn wood and it is spalted oak.
  3. scroll Saw Key Chain

    I made this key chain for my future son-in-law because he wore out the one I made for him a couple of years ago. This is a different design from the last key chain. It is made of walnut and I added a couple of sewing eyelits to protect the wood from wearing thin from the chain.
  4. Recent Commissions

    Keychains in Bolivian Rosewood, Mesquite and Cherry woods. Chopsticks in Pau Amarello (yellowheart), Cherry and Honduran Mahogany. Desk name and business card holder in Zebrano (zebrawood) and Walnut. I use a Hegner scroll saw and lots of sandpaper. My font is a free-hand letter style that I...
  5. Finished Journeyman´s piece

    Hey Guys, since you helped me with a Problem i had during the build of my Piece, i wanted to share the result with you guys and express my gratitude. My piece was originally designed as a Toolchest. Now i am not so sure anymore:) I used Ash and Walnut. The Panel i put it the Lid is also ash...
  6. Exotic wood "Sampler" name keychains

    This is a great way to show off all those exotic scraps you've been saving. BECKY is Amboyna Burl, Pau Amarello, Purpleheart, Zebrano and Paduak woods on a Walnut substrate. I stock over 25 hardwoods of exotic and domestic origin, so there are always little bits that need rescue from the landfill.
  7. More "Pen"dants

    Yes here are more "pen"dants I really do like these kits. The other reason for these is it is teacher appreciation week next week at my daughter's school and the PTA has asked for donations to give out to teachers and faculty. So the first two pens you see here are on the way to the school. The...
  8. Some different vials

    Here are a few different Oil Vials I have been making. This was the first project I had posted with some of the vials. If you have questions as to what these are take a look at the link and you might find you answers there down in the comments. Pic # 1 -...
  9. Order Up!

    Been busy the past two weeks after our only Spring Craft Show. One of our regular customers asked if I could make a selection of Inertia Pens and Key Chain Screw drivers for them to use as gifts during the holidays. The Inertia Pens were recently put on Clearance at Woodcraft so I ran over to...
  10. Swap- A Pocket of useful items

    For the recent "turningboxswap2020" I made a set of hopefully what will be useful items for Keebler (who was also the moderator) Starting with the Survival Pen and using Bubinga for the body I wanted to have a dark enough wood on the other pieces that were all chrome kits to contrast so I wen...

    KUNAI knife / thrower - 33×7x0.8 cm KUNAI key chain - 11×3.5 cm Wenge….all cuts on bandsaw and scrollsaw. I made double sided blades with angle grinder sanding disk, along marked line. ....add some little screws just for better look. Finish wood oil.
  12. First inlay attempt

    I had a few small scraps around, so I thought I'd experiment with an inlay. This key-chain is what I ended up with. The wood is cherry with purpleheart inlay. I just ran the cherry over my router table with a 1/4" straight bit and then cut some 1/4" strips of purpleheart a bit taller than the...
  13. feline family

    the large plank is the headboard of my moms bed during her highschool days, thats around 55 years ago. the legs of the bed were no good already so i just decided to make it into this and used the side frames of the bed for framing of the board.
  14. 2 Gifts Down

    Some of you may recall that my daughter did some pen turning last year for her kindergarten teachers. This year she decided to make a total of 5 pens These are the first 2 and will go to 2 of her teachers. She is getting much better at the lathe each time she uses it. Even just since the...
  15. This week from my shop.

    1 - Maple "Wave" Keychains 2 - Maple Desk Name (for teacher) 3 - Cocobolo Love Keychain 4 - Amboyna Burl with Cocobolo Back name keychain 5 - Exotic Mix Sampler Keychain 6 - Cherry "Good Luck" Clover keychain These are freehand carved individually with a bandsaw and/or scroll saw. Thanks for...
  16. rainbow trout key fob

    carved from basswood about 2" long the easiest way to carve these is to start aut with a stick about 12" long and lay out the design with the mouth at the end of the stick and then carve everything but the tail while the project is still attachet to the stick, then cut it off from the rest of...

    Bullet key chains. #1 made from a kit from Woodturners supply, Mule deer antler, CA finish. #2 made from a spent 12 gauge shell, ambrosia maple, spray lacquer finish.
  18. scroll Saw Key Chain

    Made this out of walnut, a gift for my sister.
  19. scroll Saw Key Chain

    I made these for friends of mine, inlayed with clay on both the front and back.
  20. Some of a lot

    A few of my more favorite pieces… So much time spent on each template and now they just move right along.
1-20 of 29 Results