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  1. Mallets for 2017 Surprise Tool Swap

    My surprise swap items were four different kinds of wooden mallets. Three resemble mallets I had made previously for myself. The fourth was a journey of discovery. My theory on wooden mallets is that they are meant to be used, and all of mine show dings and dents from usage. Better for the...
  2. My First Pens

    These are the first pens I've made. From top to bottom bottom the types of wood used are goncalo alves, Kentucky coffee tree, cocobolo, bocote, zebrawood, and purpleheart. (I think have those right, anyway.) It's not been all that long ago that I had never heard of any of these woods. I...
  3. My Latest Pens

    I have been busy lately making pens with patriotic or military themes. These are some pictures of my work. There are several American Patriot twist and rollerball pens. The other four display various military campaign ribbons. Photo #1 - American Patriot Twist pens from left to right...
  4. Kentucky Coffee Tree Pens

    I am attending a conference in Louisville, KY. I made these pens as gifts for some people here at the conference. The wood is Kentucky Coffee Tree, which seems appropriate. Besides these pens, I have used the same wood to turn a couple of other things that I am still working on finishing. I...
  5. Dyed Wood Turnings

    These are my first attempts at using wood dyes using methods similar to those of Trifern and Jimmy Clewes. Both the box and the vase are made from Kentucky Coffee Tree, a wood I am really starting to like. The box uses two colors: red and yellow. The vase uses three colors: red, orange and...
  6. Blogs
    Bronze finished patinated tiles and frame design sketches .. inprogress photos of frame design newsprint paper sketch .. piece will be 42 inches wide .. tiles are stoneware …with fired in ground glass textural, bronze acid patina,
  7. Blogs
    3 boxes .... photo blog Left box is 9×7x3 …. Center box is 12×8x4 …. Right box is 10×8x3
1-8 of 8 Results