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  1. Teak Vessel with Leather “Moleskin” Notebook Cover

    Put in some time, but completed the gifts for our departing Command Master Chief. 1) Teak wood box from a salvaged "shipyard block" reinforced with dovetail splines in addition to brass nails and leather hinges. The coin on the front is our current CPO Mess design with two dragons forming...
  2. Keiyaki (Elm) and Epoxy End Tables

    Was gifted a couple of short Keiyaki boards (Japanese Zelkova) one with curl/burl/spalt. Had the idea to do a epoxy fill for stabilization and a river table. Bought the wrong epoxy (Total Boat Self Leveling) that can only be poured 1/8" at a time… and it took too too long to finish, but the...
1-2 of 2 Results