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  1. Ancient Kauri Table

    This is an Ancient Kauri table-top created by Stuart Salisbury at Ancientwood, Ltd. This piece was started in March and finished in April; with 21 hours put into its completion. Check out other unique pieces at or contact Robert Teisberg 715.685.0610.
  2. Self supporting 6ft ambient lamp

    Well it has been awhile since my last post but here's a gigantic Lamp I made from the scraps bin! (I do apologise for the poor pictures) it is 6 ft tall and totally self supporting, There is no centreline and it balances entirely on the bottom rail! the base is a macrocarpa round I saved from...
  3. Fruit Bowl

    Open segmented fruit bowl turned from Oak with a Kauri rim and base 350 mm in diameter x 150 mm high. This bowl was originally turned as a solid Oak bowl but it warp and twisted so much you couldn't do anything with it so I cut it up into segments and made this open segmented bowl. My grand...
  4. Swamp kauri ring

    Swamp kauri ring. I do love making the fatties :) I'm always surprised by how soft swamp kauri is. I generally only work with it when I get gifted small off-cuts. Always a joy to see the unique patterns.
  5. Ceremonial Wedding Goblet

    A pair of ceremonial goblets I turned for a wedding. Turned from Kauri with Pewter lips 140 mm high x 65 mm in diameter. Comments welcome.
  6. 3D Platter

    3 D Platter 310 mm in diameter with Kauri outer segmented frame. Turned from Kahikatea, Kauri and Jarrah. Comments welcome
  7. Wooden cheese knife

    Someone got in trouble for cutting on her mother's wooden cheese board with a steel blade and commissioned a wooden knife :p The blade is rimu, the handle rata (both endemic NZ timbers, recycled), and the 'rivets' are kauri gum. Hopefully the postie opens soon so I can get it to its new owners :)
  8. My Kauri Abacus and Stand

    So here's project no 2 A Chinese Abacus invented by them in 3000BC! Again my stock of swamp kauri played a big part in its birth in fact most of my future projects will be heavily influenced with kauri. I hope you chaps don't find this too boring but I did import quite a lot of it a while back...
  9. Ancient Kauri Cribbage Board

    This cribbage board is made of ancient Kauri wood. This wood is harvested from peat bogs in New Zealand from forests that were buried during the last ice age 30,000 to more than 50,000 years ago. I aquired this wood from Ancientwood. It is inlaid with Walnut Burl, Pommelle Sapele, Carpathien Elm...
  10. Swamp (ancient) kauri ring

    Swamp Kauri - also caled ancient kauri - are prehistoric kauri trees buried and preserved in peat up to 50,000 years ago in New Zealand's North Island. Buried in peat swamps by an unexplained act of nature at the end of the last Ice Age, the trees survived centuries underground, sealed in a...
  11. Pens and other turned items

    This is a batch of turned items, some of which are for gifts. I returned from New Zealand and brought back 94 lbs of various woods that were unique to the area there. I turned some pens from some of the wood from NZ for co-workers that went with me to NZ and then I also turned several pens from...
  12. Kauri Clock

    Kauri Clock 380 mm in diameter finished with teak oil. Comments welcome.
  13. Green Swamp Kauri Tea Light Candle Holders

    Just finished these green swamp kauri tea light candle holders. These come with citronella candles because it's summer and y'all know what that means: MOZZIES.
  14. Chess Board

    Chess Board The chess board I made is made up of 64 Kauri and Mahogany pieces 60 mm square and the board dimensions are 480 mm wide by 480 mm long. Comments Welcome
  15. Acorn Box

    Acorn Box Acorn lidded box 80 mm in diameter by 80 mm high turned from NZ Kauri and Fijian Kauri. Comments Welcome
  16. Swamp kauri hei toki

    Finished with beeswax and boiled linseed. These days, toki are primarily worn for ornamental purposes. Traditionally, they were (and still are) made of pounamu (NZ greenstone) to represent the adze. Maori traditionally used pounamu to make a number of tools.
  17. Table for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

    As promised, here are pictures of the table Ancientwood created for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Enjoy!
  18. Bone Carving Tools.

    I do a bit of bone carving from time to time and as is usual for me, I make my own tools. These are a few gravers made from several different types of steel. Some are carbide, some HSS and others old files. The critical factor is the hardness and the bevel on the cutting edge. The handles...
  19. Walking Stick for a Fisherman

    The brief for this walking stick was to reproduce the man's head as it is and to add a fishing theme as that is one of his main interests. The face was tricky as he didn't have any prominent features that the carving could be centred on. It was more of a case of bringing out his personality...
  20. A Set Of Ornate Netsuki Style Carving Knives.

    Every now and again one of the blades I make is better than the rest in the batch. I don't know why as the process and materials are identical for the whole batch but it just happens. All my blades are very good but these ones are better than very good. I have taken to making an ornate handle...
1-20 of 34 Results