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  1. Box saved from the fire

    Box made from firewood actually 8^) Russian olive with a juniper panel for the lid. Inside dimensions are 6" x 8" with 1/2" stock and base/lid overhang. The splines are walnut, interior has a felt lined bottom. Firewood around here typically is riparian invasive species (Russian olive...
  2. Lightning Strike Juniper Stump

    This is an outdoor patio seat/table/something to look at. This piece was harvested from a juniper tree that had been struck by lightning who knows how many years ago and half the tree was killed. Its amazing how hard it is to kill a juniper tree, the new growth will just start to wrap around...
  3. Log Furniture Juniper Table Lamp

    Free standing juniper table lamp. The white on this lamp is real pur in color and the shape reminds me of a boot. 15 1/2" tall w/o shade 23 1/2" tall with shade. Finished with 3 coats of satin polycrylic
  4. Turquoise Inlay, Juniper Log Candle Holder

    Just finished this juniper cancle holder. It fits either votives or tea light candles. I have added turquoise througout, this is one that I was not going to add turquoise but… it was just begging to have it. I finished it with 2 coats of semi gloss polycrylic
  5. Juniper Eagle

    Made this as a Christmas gift for my wife (still trying to figure out how I'm going to hang it on the wall). Stained with a mixture of fruitwood/cherry and natural Danish Oil, and finished with 4 coats of Minwax hand rubbed satin poly. Am thinking I'll mount it on a wall using a similar system...
  6. Juniper Log Floor Lamp & Turquoise Inlay

    This lamp is just the coolest. The then ribbon movement and sweeping motion is phenomenal. 71" tall to the top of the shade The base is 39" x 24" It weighs 70 lbs As you can see we added turquoise throughout.
  7. Balancing Juniper Log Coffee Table w/Glass top

    Its been taking forever to get a project finished, as most of you know we have been working on a few table with inlay but have been stalled waiting on our sandpaper, so on the meantime we have created this coffee table. To me, it looks like it is balancing on the base and is very striking. The...
  8. Juniper Furniture Table Lamp

    Here is a real nice table lamp. I really like the tight twists and the contrasting colors…
  9. Custom Taxidermy Base Pedestal Deer Buck Mount

    This pedestal was originally a floor lamp, our custom had us cut it down and convert it into a taxidermy pedestal. This is a piece of juniper and is finished with satin polycrylic.
  10. Juniper Log Furniture Custom End Table w Pine Top

    This little table stand 30" tall and the table top itself is around 12". The top and the bottom are made from burled pine and the pedestal is twisted juniper. It was finished with Seal A Cell
  11. Step Stool with Sugi-Yaki Finish

    when I was a little boy, my dad and I made a step stool together. I tried to reproduce what my father taught me. I kind of remembered here and there…and I searched web to see some designs. After the sugi-yaki treatment, a real test need to pass. I am about 220lb was little afraid to stand on...
  12. Juniper Log Table Base for Glass Top & Turquoise Inlay

    Here is another juniper log table, this is a solid piece. This base was made for a 5' x 6' glass top. We used jewelry grade kingman turquoise throughout.
  13. Turned stuff, I love turning on the lathe.

    This is my first post, here is some of my amateur woodturning. 1st pic - bowl made of arizona alligator juniper, turns like red cedar maybe a little softer. 2nd pic - bowl made of gambel oak, very hard and dense, dang that torn end grain, gotta go much slower next time. 3rd pic - cookie jar...
  14. Double Head Floor Mount Taxidermy Pedestal Display Stand

    We wanted to share with you another taxidermy pedestal that we have made. This one is made for 2 mounts. Juniper Shoulder Mount Taxidermy Pedestal The pedestal is made from juniper and blue pine *Specifics on this item Measurements: Pedestal arms are 53" and 54" tall. Top bases measure 8" x...
  15. Live Edge Rustic Bench

    The back rest and sides are crotch wood slabs that I milled from a Russian Olive that I helped "re-purposed" after removing it for a driveway project, (my chainsaw mill has sure saved some neat wood from the firewood pile!!) and the bench seat was milled from a juniper tree that was removed to...
  16. Firewood II

    I've raided the wood pile again. The primary wood is Alder which was the firewood. I used some scrap Juniper for the liner and Black Walnut for the splines. It's finished with three coats of wipe on Poly.
  17. New Carved Sculptures

    These are our newst carved sculpture pieces, with the exception of "Twister". Twister and Lilly of the Valley were posted earlier, but we finally were able to get professional photos done of it. It's such a magnificent sculpture and these photos are much better than mine. The other pieces are as...
  18. Poker Table

    This poker table built from Texas Mesquite and Rocky Mountain Juniper. The customer wanted Turquoise stone inlays to which we happily obliged. The top was built from 12/4 Mesquite with a Mesquite log for the post. The chair seats are also Mesquite with Juniper for the bases. The connection...
  19. Very First "Completed" Bowl

    Thanks, Scott Shangraw and Juniper Canyon for your inspiration. My bowls aren't going to have the delicate carvings yours do (at least not yet - gotta get a whole lot better at this before I attempt you guy's levels of expertise). Anyway, this is my very first completed bowl. Wood is juniper...
  20. Carved Juniper Vessel

    This is the last of the three large vessels I just finished carving for an art show in CA this week.This was the BIG one.The wood is alligator juniper stands about 28" tall and about 28" at the largest diameter.I carved in from two different directions making it a pretty challenging piece.When I...
1-20 of 349 Results