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  1. Bradford Pear Form

    9" x 7" Bradford Pear Was going to buff this up as per usual procedure but I like the way it feels at 220 grit with some BLO. Very gourdy.
  2. "Jug Fishing"

    Old Lum knew he had found his sport when he heard someone talking about going "jug" fishing. But he was better at the jug part, than he was at the fishing part. Someone even tried to tell him that you're supposed tie the hook and line to the jug and throw it out into the water, but that seemed a...
  3. great african paduack jug..ringmaster done..."great grain and color"!!!!

    this was a GREAT piece of paduack!! Multi colored…the most unusal I've ever seen…as I said RINGMASTER DONE…basically that means that I cuts rings at variouis angles, glue together and sand, and finish by hand…this piece is approx 8" at the widest point and stands 13" high..and is a very...
  4. Marketplace Classifieds
    The Rockler Complete Dovetail jig bought and never used or taken out of the box. Complete and still packaged up. See description at the rockler website $169 new plus tax and shipping all yours for $100+shipping
1-5 of 5 Results