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  1. Catalpa and Black Cherry Dining Table

    Two board caltalpa tabletop with a black cherry base. Table is 7' long x 36" +/- wide x 29" tall. Two tall back torii chairs and two low back chairs using the same combination of woods. The table will easily accommodate 8 but I only had 4 chairs for the photo.
  2. cherry and elm cabinet

    cherry and elm cabinet built to accomodate various television gear…surround sound, blu ray player,cable box,etc. this is phase one of this project. on to phase 2 which will provide shelves one either side of tv.
  3. Walnut 12 drawer dresser

    This project kept me busy quite a while and I am glad to be finally wrapping it up. walnut with poplar drawer sides. 74 long x 21 1/2 deep x 36 tall.
  4. walnut torii bench

    curved walnut natural edge bench. approx 17"tall x 60" long x 14" wide. finished with wiping varnish.
  5. cherry and maple cabinet

    sequence pieces of flitch sawn cherry . resawn maple panels. finish is wiping varnish. second piece is opposite orientation material from same tree. resawn and bookmatched spalted maple panel on single door.
  6. walnut wine cabinet

    walnut wine cabinet with ambrosia maple panels. natural edged top.
  7. walnut and white oak 3 tier cabinet

    sequence flitch sawn walnut planks were used to construct this cabinet. resawn and bookmatched white oak panel.
  8. walnut and poplar 3 tier cabinet

    walnut and poplar cabinet. poplar panels are resawn. walnut horizontals are sequence cut flitches
  9. stool redux

    revised version of my shop stool . customer wanted stouter front legs so voila that is what they get. one stool for the parents to pass down to two children. Notice also that the foot rest on cherry / maple version is higher to accomdate shorter legs. orginal version is posted at...
  10. prototype bar stool

    poplar prototype of new bar stool. legs and back are ebonized poplar.
  11. high back torii chair

    higher back version of my torii chair. these are approx 37" tall. low back version can be seen at : and seat material is curly ambrosia maple and the backs/ legs are walnut with a small cherry accent between the...
  12. Mid century inspired walnut credenza

    Mid century modern inspired cabinet with two sliding doors. Spalted maple door panels were resawn from thicker stock. The plank used for the top had a crack with a bark inclusion and I decided to use it as a focal point . 3 Butterflies/bowties were used to strengthen the crack. The bark area...
  13. walnut and maple chair

    experimenting with different chair designs I came up with this one. I think the seat needs to be a little deeper … a couple more tweeks perhaps … wood is walnut and maple
  14. ambrosia maple and walnut chair

    curly ambrosia maple seat and walnut chair. cherry accent in back.
  15. satori cabinet in walnut and maple

    two small cabinets that will be used as low nightstands. dovetail case construction, maple inlay medallion with pin latch.
  16. Walnut and maple coffee table. elevated series.

    this was and interesting piece of maple I have had for several years. Finally got the opportunity to do something with it. Base is walnut.Legs Tapered . I see this as a coffee table but it could be used as a bench as well. finish is odies oil.
  17. cherry and maple clock

    I had a piece of cherry in the firewood stack before deciding to take a slice off of it with a chainsaw. not knowing what I would do with it I let it dry on its own for several months. on a whim I made this clock. it will be a dusting nightmare but I kinda like it.
  18. curly cherry cabinet

    curly cherry cabinet with spalted elm door panels. 16" deep x 36 1/2" long x 30 1/2" tall. finished with odies oil. cedar veneer ply used for drawer bottoms. red oak drawer sides. the spalted elm came from a tree that was downed in a storm 3 years ago. I sawed off some planks freehand with my...
21-40 of 47 Results