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  1. 5 Clocks

    5 clocks made from mahogany, peruvian walnut, jobillo, black walnut, and ebony. Made these for my brothers and sisters who I got to see at the family reunion in MN in July. Own design, of what I guess would be considered a Prairie type clock. Forgot to take pictures of the hand turned back...
  2. My First Bowl, Made of Jobillo

    Over the holidays I got a Jet lathe, so I have been busy turning. This is my first bowl made of Jobillo that I got while in Hawaii over the holidays. The finish is General Fishes salad bowl finish. Pictures really don't do it justice because of my crappy camera.
  3. Jobillo Hallway Table with Waterfall Leg

    Jobillo hallway table with a continuous "waterfall" leg on one end. I hand made the complimentary steel U-leg out of some scrap metal I had and welded it up. The table had holes throughout with were caused by beetles boring through which I loved. I filled these with an epoxy mix and made a...
  4. I-beam and Jobillo wood chair

    I just finished this chair for the gallery, it was a concept I have recently chair started to work out. The body of the chair is made out of one piece of i-beam that i strategically cut,bent ,and folded to create the body. I wasn't sure if it would work it looked good in my sketches but...
1-4 of 4 Results