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  1. Queen Jewelry Box

    This was a completely original design. I wanted to try a few things that I have seen, but hadn't attempted yet. The "hidden" drawer in the side of the top main drawer was a good learning experience and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Also, this was the first time I tried giving the...
  2. Wall Cabinet for Jewelry

    My wife requested that I build her a place to hang her necklaces and this was the form that came to mind. It's Krenov inspired, even if it falls short of Krenov execution and is made from white oak and cherry locally grown and harvested. The dimensions are roughly 7"x15"x2" I learned a good...
  3. Walnut Jewelry Box

    Walnut Jewelry Box with carved sailboat detail. A young lady from NYC happened upon my website and contacted me about making a box for her boyfriend's watch collection. After a few emails, I sent her a sketch of a box that would hold ten watches. She was pleased with the plan and gave me the...
  4. Jewelry box

    Goncalo alves, spalted quilted maple, and wenge. Trays lined with black suede. Finish is water-based poly, wiped on very thin and sanded between coats to 600 grit. Final coat rubbed out with 0000 steel wool. There are three levels of trays, in all. Dimensions are about 13-1/2 by 11 by 7
  5. State of MA band saw box

    In my four part series of Boston cape and the islands jewelry box, this is part 2. State of MA made From solid cherry and then walnut drawer front and maple handles
  6. Claro Walnut Small Box

    You can find my 4-part blog here: I hope you enjoy it… PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!
  7. Spalted Maple Pendants

    These are a handful of spalted maple pendants that I have made as christmas gifts. They are all roughly 2"-2.5" and shaped on my belt sander then hand sanded smooth (the wife helped with that part). The finish is 3 coats of lacquer then a coat of wax. the bails I picked up at a local craft shop...
  8. First Ever Inlay - Wooden Dog Pendants with Gorilla Glue

    I had no idea what I wanted to do for this challenge when I first heard about it. I just knew that I wanted to start participating more in the community so I'd feel more connected and less like a young person cut off from all the usual wild young person activities. I'm pretty new in general to...
  9. "Spiker"

    So I thought to myself…why not do a design where the splines support the legs. It seemed a little uncommon but I knew I could make it work….and the design work for "Spiker" began. To make it even more of a challenge I made the shape of the box taper upwards. By doing this each of the three...
  10. TOOT TOOT! :) Bentwood Ebony Ring with Crushed Bronze Glass Full Inlay

    After some positive feedback from the super-duper LJ contributors here using the crushed glass with transverse accent, I quickly made the same ring using the material as a full inlay. I don't mean to toot my own horn but…TOOT TOOT! :) This new inlay material is awesome as it is translucent...
  11. Elf Chest of Drawers

    I found an old weathered board somewhere on the farm recently, don't remember just where, but it spoke to me and this is what I designed for it. Very rough and rustic but it sold with in a few minutes of opening at my next show. Weathered Oak.
  12. Walnut and Maple Whatever Box

    11.5"x5.5"x2.75" I may still add a lift, but undecided. I think it get's away with not having one nicely. The chamfer around the edge is more than enough to comfortably open the box. Sanded to 220, buffed with red rouge, BLO then Ren wax.
  13. Jewelry Cabinet

    This Cabinet was made for my wife. It took about 3 hrs to build minus the hr or two to stain. Made from inexpensive 3/8 inch plywood and yellow pine. Hook bought at the local box store. She loves it!
  14. various earrings

    Here are some earrings from my Quadrant range. First pair is made from Turquoise Trustone,African Blackwood,Tagua nut & Walnut Second pair Tagua nut,Turquoise Trustone & reclaimed Mahogany. Thirdly we have a pair made from Leadwood,Pink Ivory & Tagua nut. Fourth pair are Mammoth...
  15. Jewelry Box

    A jewelry box for my wife's 32nd birthday. It is made of cherry and walnut. It is finished with numerous coats of danish oil wet sanded up to 800 grit.
  16. A jewelry box for Eowyn

    I'm new here and thought it appropriate to offer one of my pieces for the scrutiny of my peers. It's a small jewelry box made from walnut and holly. I am especially proud of the hinges which I made myself from walnut. It was my first attempt at making them (no, I did not make the handles. They...
  17. Copper Plating and Forming Station

    This is an electroplating / electroforming station I built to allow me to copper plate wood turnings and other things I make in my shop. The station has built-in LED lighting and a built-in, variable speed fan. The work area is enclosed on three sides and the top to contain any gases and so...
  18. Mother of Pearl & Blackwood Pendant

    Here's a wee pendant I made for a long lost friend who I have tracked down on Facebook. The main bulk of the piece is African Blackwood,the blue is turquoise resin which is marketed toward pen makers,then we have Mother of Pearl,difficult to see from this photo but it has some lovely flashes of...
  19. Zebrano Ring Box

    Because the work I do makes it dangerous to wear my ring all the time, I thought it appropriate that I use that work to make something to protect the ring while I can't be wearing it. I had some Zebrano and Wenge laying around after a job we did for the importer and it worked out great. The box...
  20. A Jewelry Box for Jillian

    Here's another one of my pieces that I just finished. It's walnut, granadillo, bloodwood, and the lighter wood is called something like avingnon (don't have the name right in front of me). The lighter wood (avingnon?) is extremely hard to work with. The piece is 12×12 x 3. The tray (granadillo)...
41-60 of 500 Results