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  1. christmas tree box

    Taking the chrismas tree home. This box is my very first marquetry project. I don't know why I had to choose the hardest thing to do, but that was my decission and I'm happy with it. There was a slight problem in sanding though. I actually made all the venneer for the christmas tree and it...
  2. simple box

    This box is a simple one, but it is still pleasant to the eye. The box is made with mahogany, the top is walnut burl veneer banded with purple heart inlay. The beveled keyed miters and feet are purple heart. The inside is felted. Sorry for the dust.
  3. Jewelry Boxes

    New boxes I built
  4. Walnut and Maple Keepsake Boxes

    Here are a couple keepsake boxes. Both made from walnut and maple. Both have the box joints that join the corners that are an eye catcher because of the laminated stock. The one is from my stash of curly black walnut. Even though this was made from one piece of wood, there's lots of grain and...
  5. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Hi Everyone I'm looking for a blade for my 10 inch 2 speed bandsaw. The material I'm cutting is a combination of oak, maple, and tiger wood. I'm making a jewelry box(bandsaw box) from this. The total cutting thickness with all boards glued together is just over 6 inches. ( attachment of pic of...
  6. Blogs
    I Forgot - Let me introduce myself.... Hello! I stumbled upon LumberJocks a week ago while looking for woodworking tips. Looks like a cool place to hang out. However, I was so busy finishing my Christmas gifts that I didn't have a chance to introduce myself. I found myself amazed at how many...
1-6 of 6 Results