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  1. Marketplace Classifieds
    Jet 15" Straight Knife planer 3 HP Excellent Condition I am selling as I am downsizing my shop a little bit.
    $950 USD
  2. On-Off Switch at chest level for a dust collector

    Here's a little workshop helper I've found very handy. This on-off assembly is mounted to my two stage Jet dust collector. Jet placed the original on/off switch on the motor assembly which is about 18" off ground level and behind the blower unit. Bending over, somethimes around other...
  3. Jet toddler riding toy- KC135 tanker

    So my youngest son is a USAF pilot flying the KC135 Stratotanker. His mission is ariel refueling for various combat aircraft. His son was born last October and I wanted to make something for him to have as he grows up. What better than a toy rider like the big plane his dad flys. I used the...
  4. P51 Mustang! Well sort of...

    Hey guys and gals. I crafted this airplane for my son's 5th birthday. He loves airplanes and was ecstatic to have it hung in his room above his bed. It is approx. 18" long, with 22" wingspan. I used several different woods to achieve the color contrast as well as grain that I wanted. The body...
  5. Corner Computer Desk

    Just completed the Corner Computer Desk from Woodsmith Magazine No. 109. 2 years of work went into this baby, and only finished the corner piece. I'm currently working on an extension for the desk. I uploaded a couple of pictures I took during the progress of completeing the desk. I'll upload...
  6. Wood iPod or iPhone Stand

    Whatever you call them - iPod stands, iPod cradles, iPod dock - they do the same thing. They hold your iPod. However, this new stand is handmade from mahogany and features a sleek, minimalist design that includes some cable management too. I've seen a lot of people copying my design so I know...
  7. Homemade table saw

    I make my own 14 inches Blade, Table saw with a 5 hp motor.
  8. SMSgt Stripe Shadowbox

    Here is the latest version of my stripe shadowbox. This is made from black walnut with soft maple stripes. I was fortunate enough to find a piece of maple that was 11" wide. In order to make th stripes, I had to resaw the 4/4 stock. But my bandsaw could not handle stock that wide so i had to...
  9. A large bowl

    Here is bowl #12 I made recently. It's a large bowl (blank maxed out my lathe) made out of 624 segments. It actually took a lot longer to build the blank or make the legs than it took to turn it. The design is all myself. I built three sets of legs (and carved all) but the first two sets didn't...
  10. Self-Portrait

    Just to show that I can carve something besides Santa Claus, I carved this back in 2006. Carved from a scrap of walnut, finished with clear water-based varnish. Stands 3.5 inches tall. Claude
  11. Small Jewelry Cabinet

    I made this jewelry cabinet from sapele, except for the back, which is just plywood.I modified the design from a shaker cabinet featured in a magazine a few years ago. The original plan had a single door and shelves inside. (It seems a little obvious now, but when I made the change, it really...
  12. tops and a tiny dish

    Just had to try and make a top after watching Carl Jacobson's video on it. Awesome project, quick and easy. They are made from a pine 2×2 I had laying around. The little dish with the lid was also from the same piece of wood. I think it will make a nice little ring box. The tiny hand in the...
  13. Christmas Present to........ME!

    This is the purchase that I made for my Christmas Present for 2010. It is Jet Wood Lath model jwl-1220 and of course the Delta tools to go with it. Now I just need to learn how to work it… So far so good… I think..
  14. Solid Live Edge Walnut Semi-Cubed pedestals, tables, or stools

    Solid Walnut Cubes with just a touch of live edge on the corners. 10.5X11.5 & 17 tall. Spar urethane finish
  15. Small Dining Room Table

    Finally getting to the dining room table I've wanted to make after long term remodeling of our house. The dining area is small. The table is 36" x 44". It replaces an old colonial set (still have to use the old chairs pictured until we get new ones). The wood is yellow birch. I'd never worked...
  16. Band saw boxes

    Aromatic cedar, finished in satin lacquer.
  17. Champagne Table

    My wife and I are celebrating our 50 years of marriage on June 7. We have a modest party planned of about 70 or 80 people. Discussions with the party planner suggested that we didn't have appropriate facilities for serving wine and drinks, so I cleverly said I could build a champagne table...
  18. Feminine executive desk for my wife

    I made this desk out of Oak. It has two shallow drawers and large indent in front to hold stuff.
  19. Chevy Bison Semi Truck

    This is the 1st of three trucks for a friend. At first he asked for two, but after seeing this truck, he asked for another. I decided to make something different ( the Bell 222) for the cargo that could also be played separately. I used mounting blocks with dowels to keep the helicopter in...
  20. Replacement Door Vintage 1908

    My first born lives in a house in the city that was built in 1908. The door between the front room and the hall had to be replaced, and she wanted louvres in the bottom half to help with air circulation. The door is built to match the others in the house. It is assembled from 2×6 frames and...
1-20 of 328 Results