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  1. Gemstone Box #112

    This box is the second of the series. Hopefully many more to come. The tile is tiger eye, black onyx and picture jasper. The primary wood is mesquite. Beautiful to work with. I used eucalyptus to back tile so it'll show on the inside of the lid. The pegs are bamboo and the lid is hinged with...
  2. Stone Inlay People into Walnut

    This was my first attempt at trying to capture realistic people in stone and wood. The routering of the design into the wood was definitely the most nerve-wracking part since every bit of wood that I was leaving was an integral line for the design. Usually I can move lines around a bit to...
  3. Chess Board with Storage

    Another project completed for a client as a Christmas gift. Board is Padauk and Birds Eye Maple. Carcass is Walnut with Maple accents. Sanded to 400 and 3 coats of Danish Oil and Wax to finish it off. Cheers all and a very Merry Christmas Don
  4. Blogs
    Introduction: Overall Design, and Fun with Geometry This series of blog posts describes the design and construction of the Mini Tetrahedral Tensegrity Table I built recently. The SketchUp model is available on the 3D Warehouse. When I started thinking about this project, all I knew was that I...
  5. Wood & Lumber
    I am new to woodworking I just got into it recently due to having a thrift store and I won't sell anything made of real wood cheap so now I plan on refurbishing and refinishing furniture…... So now onto my question I recently obtained a small table and the wood is super nice but I don't know...
1-5 of 5 Results