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  1. Baltic Birch Japanese Tatami Bed.

    When our daughters got older, we had to build a king-sized custom bed. Most beds we saw were too "platform" like, which sat too close to the floor. So we decided to make ours about 12.5" high to allow for extra storage beneath. If you don't want the storage, make the legs shorter! We used...
  2. Shoji Screen

    Finished my first shoji screen. As it was a protype to learn joinery and get used to the process, the screen is smaller. Decided to make it a free standing screen. Will probably make some full size screen dividers or lamps next. Thanks to Jay VanArsdale at DaikuDojo for teaching us. JP
  3. Timber Frame Staircase with through tenons held with wedges

    You can watch the build process on YouTube I built this timber frame staircase from reclaimed beams that came from another client's house a few miles up the road. The beams use to support a pergola, that was torn down during their remodel. We templated the area where the stairs where going...
  4. First shoji...

    The idea is to build shoji for all the living room windows that are currently covered with blinds. This is the start, and there are plenty of goobers that don't quite show. But a start none the less. You can see a little squiggle in the kumiko (the thin cross strips) that comes from ever so...
  5. Router Table

    table extension instead of cast iron wing on a craftsman TS with delta T2 fence upgrade. triton 2 1/4 hp with rousseau plate. put on a 20 amp switch. so far, happy times. first router, first router table.
  6. Picture Frame

    I made this project soon after the Japanese Lamp. It was an exploration into more complicated joinery for me and my first use of the pinned through mortise and tenon joint.
  7. Chisel Box

    Starting to create some tool boxes for my tools. Have just started woodworking about a year ago. I've been getting into hand tools and japanese joinery. Feels good to finally have a home for my chisels when going from home to class. Rough dimensioning was done with jointers and planers, but...
  8. Joinery
    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to figure out what kind of joint this is? Lap joint? Japanese joinery (is there a name for it?) How would I go about making it? Many, many thanks. P.S. I've been googling for a while and just could not get the results, so I'm asking the pros here :-)
1-9 of 9 Results