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  1. A Japanese Bunmawashi (Beam Compass)

    If you prefer not to read, the build video is here View on YouTube I first heard of this tool from the Toshio Odate book on Japanese tools. I thought it was pretty fascinating and I tucked it away in the back of my mind as a "do it someday" project. Well the excuse to build came when one of...
  2. Bunmawashi with pen holder - post

    Bunmawashi with pen holder Japanese beam compass Last time I posted a Japanese compass it was back in 2013, so I think it must be about time to do one again. This time the Bunmawashi was not for me though, but for an artist friend who do wall paintings and did a series for elderly homes, where...
  3. Bunmawashi - Japanese beam compass

    Bunmawashi Japanese marking compass I post my post no 200, amazing how time is running and that so many blogs and posts have been made from me playing with wood and trying to understand how to work it. I will like to thank you all here on LJ, for all the inspiration you have given me, good...
  4. Blogs
    Japanese hand plane KANNA setup Japanese hand plane setup Fitting, tuning and sharpening. If you are looking for 'ready out of the box' just leave this blog now! This blog is for those who want to understand their tools, to trim, adjust and become the master of your tool. It is not a show off...
1-4 of 4 Results